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Art, Music, Good Eats and more!

TASTE, at 3 pm, Sat., April 4, offers art, music, live performances and great local cuisine. What more could anyone want?  Event takes place at M.E.A.T., 2333 Louisville Road. For more info, call 912-604-1889. Enjoy!

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Lunch-time Catering by Bar-Food

Johnny Baker and Alicia Cannon, both long noted for their catering expertise and owners of the new restaurant,  Bar-Food,  in Habersham Village,  are now offering catered lunches to your office.  Johnny and Alicia will design a lunch menu just for you! An affordable and teresting alternative to the same old sandwich trays.  Just call 355-5956.  Bar-Food is located at Habersham & 62nd St. Enjoy!

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Eos Wine Pairing Event

Eos’ wine pairing events are always excellent, but this one sounds especially unique. Vino Robles Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Red Four, Signature, and Petite Sirah, with food created by Chef Wes.  Six courses: Eos crackers with assorted spreads;  Tuna Carpacio, Bluffton Oyster, Caviar, Horseradish, Chive;  Smoked Sturgeon, Fava Beans, Twice-baked Fingerling Potato;  Pork Belly, Mushrooms, Arugula, Sugarette;  Braised Streudel, Ramp Knot, Squash Frites, Hollandaise, Chopped Orchid;  Apple in Two Textures with Chocolate, Cheese and Cream Aux Caramel.  $60. Sunday, March 29, 6 to 8 pm.

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New, ever more affordable bar menu

Ever sensitive to the problems of others, Maureen Craig and Chris Dinello, owner and chef of Alligator Soul are now providing a new, even more economy-friendly menu,  served in the bar and lounge every evening. With dishes like Beef Roulade,  Shrimp and Grits,  and Seared Tuna, among a dozen delectable dishes,  patrons enjoy the same fine cuisine as that served in the main dining room, but at far lower prices,  ranging from $9 to $12. This is truly a sensational deal at one of Savannah’s finest restaurants! We say, don’t miss this!

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Papillote…French Goodness!

We tried it and we loved it! The first genuine French meal we’ve ever had in Savannah! It’s all take-out, but it’s as truly French as one could imagine. For this first foray into this little spot,  we got their Tartine, an open-faced sandwich on brioche style bread, this one with roquefort, pears and  walnuts, served open faced served with an array of spring greens with a ginger vinaigrette. This sandwich, tart and sweet, crisp and creamy, simply could not be improved upon! We also had a Bouchee a la Reine filled with hearty chunks of  chicken, mushrooms, and carmelized onions, in a beautifully creamy sauce,  all encased in a puff pastry wrap. Topping the whole meal off was a Gateau Breton, a crumbly, buttery cake from the chef’s own region, Brittany. Plus we sampled the Gilded Brownie, a fudge chocolate concoction topped with an edible 23K gold leaf. Can’t beat that. Hours have already been extended to go from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm.  Wine is coming soon.  Call 232-1881 if you  wish to order in advance.

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Last Minute St. Pat’s Recipes!

What would St. Pat’s be without some good old Irish fare?  Don’t worry, it’s not too late to whip up a few crowd pleasers and throw your own St. Pat’s Bash.  We’ve compiled a few recipes to get you started.  CLICK!

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Viva La France! Papillote is Open

It’s been months now since we first heard that a French take-out restaurant, Papillote, was going to open n West Broughton St.  And we’ve been cruising by the address at 218 W. Broughton off and on ever since. Finally,  they are open! I haven’t been there yet, but spoke briefly with Chef and co-owner, Herve Didailler,  who comes from Brittany,  in the northeast area of France, an area especially noted for its fine shell fish and superb pastries! For those of us longing for traditional French food, this sounds like THE place! The menu changes every day,  he said,  according to what’s in season and  “what I feel like cooking,”  but it is all traditional French cuisine. The day of our conversation he had,  among other things, a Bouchee with chicken, mushrooms and caramelized onions, a quiche with salmon and asparagus, a couple of tartines, and a mouth-watering array of tarts and other pastries. We’ll be there to check it out one day this week, and will report back!

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