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Papillote As We Have Known It…

It was a week ago yesterday. Jack came home with dinner for us. He looked distraught, sad, quite unlike himself. I asked what was the matter. He looked at me. “Papillote as we have known it will soon be gone,” he said. I stared at him. That’s impossible, I said. They just celebrated their fourth anniversary in Savannah. They’re doing a fabulous business. How could they be closing?
They have sold the business. They are leaving Savannah. But you must promise to say not a word, don’t even think of publishing anything about it, until after they are gone. I promised Herve, he said, that I would keep it a secret.
And so I did….until today, when I discovered that it’s all over Twitter. All I can say now is that I’m as heartbroken as Jack.
I take comfort, however, in the certainty that Chef Herve would not sell his small creation to anyone unless he believed that they would maintain the standards that he set for excellence. According to Chef Herve, the new owners intend to keep the same menu, perhaps adding a few new dishes of their own. Tomorrow will be the last day for Papillote under the auspices of Chef Herve and his partner Ann-Marie. Sunday, they will be closed for the transition. The new owners will re-open next week, probably Tues. or Wed. I wish them well.

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A Message to One and All

Remember everyone, this blog isn’t just for my foodie thoughts, it’s open to one and all. Just send in your favorite eating spot, or a favorite dish anywhere at all, or your favorite server. If you spot a new eatery just opened, or about to open, let us know. If you have a butcher who will prepare your rack of lamb for you, tell us about him (or her). Same goes for fishmongers who will prepared your finned or shelled creatures for you. If you have a delicious recipe from your home repertoire, let us have it! In short, if it pertains to food or beverages, we’re all interested. Send it along to:

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Skyler’s — A Not So Hidden Gem?

When first one, then two, friends both food lovers, told me they’d had a fabulous dinner at Sklar’s, I was at first surprised, then intrigued. I’d heard of the place, probably walked past it a hundred times on Bay St., but paid little attention. So now, I called around to other restaurant-going pals to see if anyone else had ben there. Not many had, but those who’d actually gone there had nothing but praise. I discovered that the place is owned by a couple–he a born and raised Southerner from Atlanta, she from Vietnam. And that they often meld their cuisines together . For instance, a petite filet mignon with an a sauce that hints of Asian flavors, friend shrimp with a light as air tempura batter…Every one I talked to mentioned the crab cakes, much lighter than the traditional ones, and someone mentioned a delicious lemongrass-flavored chicken.
Several people also mentioned that the service leaves much to be desired, but the food makes that almost irrelevant. I’ll be checking it out one day soon!

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Yummy lunch specials at B. Matthews

B. Matthews Eatery has always had delicious lunchtime specials and they still do.  Today’s sounds particularly enticing!  Biscuit slider duo: Fried Duck Breast with Maple Mustard & Pulled Pork with Jicama Slaw. $7.50 All Specials come with your choice of side: French Fries, Tabouleh Salad, Potato Salad, Fruit, or Soup; Add Sweet Potato Fries or a Mixed Green Salad for an additional $1.00

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Gourmet Brown Bag Lumch umder 350 Calories

This intriguing lunch deal is featured at Joe’s Café, 70th and Waters. Their newest offering is a daily chef’s choice packaged lunch – 5 days for $22.50 per week. Made with Boar’s Head meats and cheeses and fresh produce. For the weight conscious each meal is 350 calories or less. Lunches are available starting at 11 am, running through 5 pm. Eat at the café, or take out. Quick and easy. Don Holland will take your order at 912-349-0251.


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B. Matthews Eatery now re-opened!

After extensive, and we do mean extensive! renovations–everything from the layout to the hardwood floors, plumbing, water pipes and the menu itself–B. Matthews Eatery re-opened over the weekend. I haven’t had a chance to go yet, but will soon.  A friend tells me they have a marvelous duck and waffle dish on their new brunch menu!

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New Restaurant by the creators of Local 11 Ten

No question about it, Local 11 Ten is among the finest restaurants in a city of fine eateries!  So it seemed reasonable to assume that their new place, Public Kitchen & Bar, at the corner of Liberty & Bull St.,  would be exceptionally good as well.  More casual, more affordable, but surely great! Well, so far, at least, it seems to disappoint. Right off, they don’t have a menu posted anywhere, not on-line where they have a Facebook page, nor anywhere else. We have a copy of their daytime menu….called to try and find out what was on the evening menu and were told “some steaks, a pasta dish and a fresh fish dish.”  They do have a nice array of salads and sandwiche…. tried the Spinach salad, made as it should be with bacon dressing–really good! And sampled the crab cake–okay, but nothing to write home about. An interesting lineup of burgers….unfortunately, they say they cook them all medium-well. Which, to me at least, simply screams “overcooked and dry.” Did not try.  Well, it’s been less than a month since they opened, they’re in a perfect location, they should do well no matter what. Hopefully, a lot of kinks will be straightened out…. I’ll be back to see!

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Papillote Closed for Vacation

Chef Herve and partner Ann Marie are in France for a long anticipated vacation.  It’s the first time in three years that Savannah’s noted French chef has been to his home country.  We’re certain that he’s thoroughly enjoying reconnecting with family and friends!  Papillote will re-open on January 18.

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New Restaurant Opens!

Driving down Whitaker, I looked up and saw the sign, Flip Flop, and before reading the next word, thought immediately of politics.  Then the rest of the sign fell into place:  Flip Flop Tiki Bar and Grill.  Okay, we’re talking footwear here, not politicos.

Later, that same day, a friend brought over an appetizer from Flip Flop; chicken on a stick, a tasty morsel of chicken with chipolte lime BBQ sauce served with a spicy ranch dipping sauce.  Yummy!

Last night, my dining companion and I shared a couple of Jerk Chicken Tacos topped with chipolte lime sauce, with a Caesar Salad on the side.  The Jerk Spices were delightful.  Plump, first-rate tacos.

The menu is small, but has interesting variety, including an intriguing burger and cheesecake from FORM. 

This place boasts life, a potential winner in the ongoing restaurant stakes.

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Lovely Atmosphere, Terrific Coffee!

Tucked into the heart of Forsyth Park, The Forsyth Park Cafe could not have a better view or a better atmosphere.  The interior of the cafe is sleek, modern and done in colors to coordinate with the park.  The spacious windows give you the feel of being outdoors even when you’re inside.  The outdoor area is partially open to the skies and partly covered.  All in all, the setting could not be improved upon.  And the coffe, all Starbucks, is delicious.  The food, however, seems on the dicey side.  A week or so ago, my husband and I shared a lamb gyro.  The gyro was downright delicious, and plenty for a hefty meal for two, although the resemblance between the gyro and its Middle Eastern forebears is that of a second cousin, twice removed.  But the lamb was young, tasty and tender….we were content.  Alas, we got another one a few days later and …there was a different cook.  The meat was overcooked, on the dry side, and the wrap had a vaguely stale flavor.  The next day, a friend told me she’d ordered a sandwich there that was supposed to have cheese on it and had some sort of processed cheese food.  “I’ll stick to coffee from now on,”  she said.  They do have beer and wine….maybe a bit of alcohol would have helped!

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