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New Review – EOS

We’ve been talking up a storm about this new little hot-spot…be sure to check out our review!

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EOS announces its Second Saturday Soiree – June 14th

June is the season of love & marriage…and drinking hot weather wines!  EOS will be featuring champagnes & sparkling wines from around the world.  Stop by from 6 to 8pm to sample single growth, small batch productions from Champagne, Proseccos from Italy, Cava from Spain, & Sparkling wines from California.  There will be about 7 wines to try, accompanied with foods appropriate for sparkling delights.  As usual, this will be a walk & sample, but tickets are limited to about 30 persons.  Dinner will be served inside as usual.  Attire is casual.  This event will be covered, with fans, but outdoors, so dress appropriate for Savannah weather.

Tickets are $25 in advance, or $30 day of.  So bring your lover (or your friend) and say “I do” to all things sparkling!


1801 Habersham St.


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Matt Cohen Never Sleeps!

Matt Cohen never sleeps. That’s the only conclusion we at SavannahBest.comcan draw about the owner/chef of The New South Cafe, founder and non-stop participant of the Coastal Catering Alliance as well as the Destination Management Company. Now, to top off all of this, he’ll be doing a new, weekly radio show, The New South Journal, on AM radio,  Star 1400.  Oh yes, and he just won the Small Business Chamber’s New and Emerging Small Business of the year award! 

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EOS Food and Wine Bar Grand Opening

Seven wine purveyors, 35 wines, and featured items from their great menu. This should be a great evening, Sat., May 10, 6 pm to 8:30 pm. Advance tickets $40/person. Call 238-2400.  

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Flower Power Cooking

From the chef at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel come these words of wisdom about cooking with flowers:

Incredible, Edible Flowers! – Chef Abigail Hutchinson


     With all the flowers blossoming and brightening our lives, I’d like to share some fun things with you. How about cooking with flowers?

     Pansies, mint, daylilies and squash blossoms are just a few of the flowers that we love to get and play with. They can accent desserts, appetizers, soups, salads and entrees in various exciting ways. Their colors and flavors can take any dish to the next level. Whether you’re just topping off a chilled Champagne and strawberry soup with a pedal of a pansy, or you’re adding a sprig of mint to your raspberry mousse, flowers tend to open the senses.

     I enjoy rough chopping a few varietals, mixing them with a dash of Chambourde and maybe a hint of cinnamon, and then using the mixture as a side garnish for a dessert such as cheesecake or a Bavarian cream. Or, for the same application, using aged balsamic vinegar instead of the Chambourde is nice as well. This gives an extra spike of flavor that will surely “turn on” the tongue sensors.

     Our chefs also enjoy stuffing squash blossoms and offering them as an appetizer special in the Grand Dinning Room. 


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Alligator Soul to Open on Sundays

Good news for downtown Savannah and especially, this coming Sunday, for mothers in Savannah. Owner Maureen Craig tells us that starting on Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 11th, Alligator Soul will be  open regularly on Sunday for its regular hours. Regular patrons of this fine restaurant have been requesting Sunday hours for a long time, according to Craig. 


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Brunch at Eos

Just stopped by to sample the new brunch menu at Eos, and it appears that this little eatery is already living up to its name, Eos, which means Goddess of the New Dawn. i tried, appropriately enough, the The New Dawn, two eggs, sunny-side up (or however you prefer them) with sauteed mushrooms over spinach and pan-roasted tomatoes, all served with sourdough toast and homefries or grits. The whole works–eggs, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and maybe best of all, that superb sour dough toast, was fit for, well, a Goddess.

My companion tucked into the salmon BLT. Beautifully grilled salmon  served atop a lovely fresh croissant, with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a delectable side salad, all with a beautifully aromatic aioli sauce.  Couldn’t be better, he prounced it.  

Later in the week, I’ll be doing a detailed review for of both the brunch and dinner menus of this delightful eatery, but meantime, I say it’s a winner!  Oh yes, took my beloved dog, Athena along. The owners provide dog bisquits and are definitely doggie-friendly.  

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EYEMAREL To Perform at Tantra Lounge

EYEMAREL, a piano/drum/vocal duo from Wilmington, N.C. will play July 9, at the Tantra, with their wide range of authentic 60’s psychedelic jamming to melodic electronic funk to ambient jazz.  The pair are promoting their new album, “Groovin’ A Little Each Day.”  

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EOS Grand Opening May 10

Wine tasting with a fine sampling of the menu will be the Grand Opening of  EOS May 10 from 6 to 8:30 pm on Sat., May 10. Advance tickets are available at $40 per person by calling 238-2400. Tickets at the door will be $45, but seems likely that they could be all sold out by then.

For more info, call Brian at 843-209-6497.

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Chef’s Table at the Alligator Soul Restaurant

Maureen Craig, owner of Alligator Soul Restaurant, tells us that they now are offering a Chef’s Table in the kitchen for those patrons who would like to dine and watch the workings of a real kitchen in action. Should be great fun! Like being on stage while a production is going on! If you’d like to join the excitement, be sure to reserve your Chef’s Table in advance!  

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