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Pick A Peck of Pickled….Cukes!

The Green Truck Pub has it right with pickles!  A friend brought me a plate of their pimento spread the other night, which itself is downright delicious. But amongst the greens and a few strips of delightfully sweet red peppers, were nested two pieces of dill pickle.  The first bite of pickle startled me with its fresh, super-crisp crunch!  I wondered if I were imagining things. So I took a second bite, a third, a fourth, a fifth and it was gone.   No doubt about it!  This was the best pickle I’d ever eaten in all my many pickle-eat’n days.  That crunch! was that of a young cucumber freshly plucked from the vine, then soaked in its pickling spices–dill, vinegar (white wine version, I’d guess) and some magic–just long enough for the flavors to develop, but not long enough to soften into the normal soggy pickle.

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Turkey Day is on the way!

If you’re pondering what to make for the Thanksgiving feast, check out some of our great feast dishes at

In the meantime, HappyHalloween!

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Champagne reception for Anne Osteen

Local 11 Ten will host an exhibition by the noted artist, Mrs. Anne Osteen,  tomorrow, Oct. 25, at 5 pm., 1110  Bull St.  Complimentary hors doeuvres will be served.  This extraordinary artist’s work is part of  the permanent collections of SCAD, the Telfair, Jepson and Hyde museums.

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The Green Truck rolls into Thomas Square neighborhood

Two of my favorite food scouts came back from lunch yesterday with broad smiles.  They’d just been to the new Greentruck Pub at 2430 Habersham (right off Maupas) where they’d gobbled “GREAT!” burgers with hand fashioned fries and homemade ketchup and homemade pickles.  I perused the menu they brought…. and believe me, I’ll be there soon.  It’s all salads, sandwiches, burgers of every persuasion, soups, and such and sounds downright delicious.  And yes, there really is a green truck parked outside .

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cSpot’s Monthly Cocktail Shenanigans

cSpot’s next bash is Wed.,  Oct. 27, 5:30  to  7:30 pm  at Leoci’s Trattoria, 606 Abercorn (deliziosa!).  Drink specials, cocktail munchies, and good conversation!

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Gal’s Night Out at the Melting Pot

Bring your gal pals out for fondue and fun!  You are encouraged to wear pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  $22 per person includes salad, cheese and chocolate fondues.  Paige from Stella & Dot will be selling her latest line of fall jewelry.  For reservations call 912-349-5676.

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Sol Sunday Social goes to the dogs!

This week’s Sunday Social, tomorrow, Oct. 17,  5 pm, at Sol (1611 Habersham) is devoted to dog food and wine pairings! Sound off-the-wall? It isn’t. Lucky Dog Cuisine is all made with food edible by humans or dogs, and none other than wine conossieur Tim Rutherford is handling the wine pairings!  Portion of the proceeds goes to animal-helping organizations. You can taste the wines (and the food, too, if you wishes, and your pooch can try the food. Fun guaranteed for all! Sol’s regular, delicious menu available as well.  TWO free nights at the Mansion on Forsyth to the lucky raffle winner!

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Updated Dining Review

For a new look at an old favorite, see our latest restaurant review of  Alligator Soul.

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This year’s winner! Spanakopita!

Savanah’s Greek Festival is always delightful.  The food, the music, the food, the dancing, the shopping and singing, the food….did I mention I love Greek food?  Anyway, this year’s  absolute winner among an awesome array of Grecian culinary delights is the Spanakopita, stuffed with the densest spinach mix I’ve encountered in many a year. Everythng else is wonderful, too. Get on over there and enjoy!  Kali Orexi!

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Solar Social October 19th

The fifth Solar Champions networking social will be held from 5:30-7:00pm at Sol Restaurant.  A great opportunity to meet other people interested in solar and renewable energy in our area, and of course, a try some of Sol’s tasty bites.

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