Pick A Peck of Pickled….Cukes!

The Green Truck Pub has it right with pickles!  A friend brought me a plate of their pimento spread the other night, which itself is downright delicious. But amongst the greens and a few strips of delightfully sweet red peppers, were nested two pieces of dill pickle.  The first bite of pickle startled me with its fresh, super-crisp crunch!  I wondered if I were imagining things. So I took a second bite, a third, a fourth, a fifth and it was gone.   No doubt about it!  This was the best pickle I’d ever eaten in all my many pickle-eat’n days.  That crunch! was that of a young cucumber freshly plucked from the vine, then soaked in its pickling spices–dill, vinegar (white wine version, I’d guess) and some magic–just long enough for the flavors to develop, but not long enough to soften into the normal soggy pickle.

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