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Something to look forward to…

As most of you know, we’ve long bemoaned the three Big Culinary Gaps in Savannah’s Dining Scene: the lack of a French restaurant, a real Chinese restaurant and a great steak house.
As we mentioned last summer, one of those gaps is soon to be filled, with not one but two, steak emporiums–Ruth’s Chris Steak House and the Bull Street Chop House, being built by the owner of Il Pasticcio.  Both have been delayed several times, but both are still in the works and promised in the next FEW months!  

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New Restaurant!

Gourmet-around-town, Ron Melander (also among the most thoughtful of real estate agents) tells us that the newly opened Noble Fare, in the spot formerly occupied by Jean Louis, is a definite winner!  Another friend tells us that it is actually French! (Since the lady in question has never been to France, we’re reserving our hopes, but will be checking this one out soon!

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If you haven’t been to Kao Thai…

Then you are really missing out!  Susan Mason of the Food Network, and Greg Parker of Parker’s Convenience stores have both recently been seen dining at Kao.  Of all the restaurants in Savannah, Kao ranks right up there with our top haunts.

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Unique Singing Valentine

SINGING VALENTINES! When a card doesn’t quite say it all, and you really want to give that special person a lift for Valentine’s Day, create a memory and say it with music. Ladies barbershop quartets are available to deliver live music (including smiles and our best wishes) on February 13 and 14 in homes, offices, schools, waiting rooms,  hospitals, restaurants. Sponsored by the MOON RIVER CHORUS ($40 donation)  Call Peggy at 598-7454.

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What’s your PERFECT Valentine’s Day dinner?

Recently, in the midst of pondering our own choices for Valentine’s Dinner, we decided to poll our regular SavannahBest readers. So we sent a question, “What is your choice for a perfect, romantic Valentine’s Dinner?”  to a good sampling of them. 
We anticipated a preponderance of beef or seafood or fish, or perhaps poultry, lamb, veal or wild game. We’re keeping the poll open till Feb. 1st, so the responses are not all in yet, but so far, it seems, SavannahBest readers are as diverse and eclectic in their tastes as the eateries (not including Southern soul food, of which there is an abundance) that dot Savannah’s culinary landscape. Of dozens of replies, no two had exactly the same main course or appetizer. For dessert, however, chocolate seems to be a potential winner.
Herewith, a small sample of responses.
“My favorite would be Sushi, which I find to be a rare art,” says Rebecca. The chef puts so much love and energy into the preparation and presentation, I find it a precious treat!
I would pair it with an exquisite white wine. And of course, dessert. Something light, but chocolate!  Perhaps some green tea ice cream and warm chocoate sauce drizzled on top. 
“Fondue would be my choice for first course, main course and of course, for dessert.    Fondue is much more interactive than your usual dinner,” was Heather’s succinct choice.
Chef about town, Alicia Cannon, suggests a dinner she recently made for a couple in their new home (thus far without much in the way of cooking appliances or equipment). I brought along my own barbeque unit and made due from there. The menu, which they loved, was as follows:
Grilled asparagus with a balsamic reduction
Caesar salad
Grilled steak filet  with a mushroom Pinot sauce and lobster tails
Rosemary whipped potatoes and fresh grilled green beans
Chocolate decadent torte with a raspberry sauce and chocolate dipped strawberries.
The more we read, the hungrier we got.
Another delectable menu came from Jenn:
Appetizer:  Warm and soft rosemary focaccia served with sweet herb and sun dried tomato olive oil for dipping
A small cup of lobster bisque (this is probably cheating, but I’m going to say Sapphire Grill-esque!)
Entre: Seared tuna mignon rubbed with black pepper and brushed with a ginger-soy vinaigrette (hint of citrus) served with Melted tomatoes and Grilled asparagus brushed with melted garlic butter
Wine: A Clos Du Val chardonnay
Dessert: Two dark chocolate truffles (total of four; two for each person).  The first has a dark chocolate ganache inside and the outer shell is topped with powdered cocoa; the second has a mint chocolate ganache inside and the other shell is topped with culinary gold dust .
For the moment, anyway, we’ll end our responses with one from an exceedingly practical, “cut to the chase” kind of gal.
“I choose sex for dinner with chocolate and wine.” – Emily
Feel free to comment with YOUR perfect Valentine’s Day dinner.

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Don’t miss…

The Irish Festival at Murphy’s Law Irish Pub, February 16-17th.

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Two much of a good thing…

Savannah’s one and only Scottish pub, Molly MacPherson’s, now has a second location — in Richmond Hill — between the two exits for Highway 95.  Whether you’re at the City Market location or the new place, do try, if you haven’t already, their Scottish eggs!  They’re amazingly delicious!…As is the whole menu, for that matter.

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New South goes Organic

The New South Cafe is proud to feature locally grown organic produce and wild Georgia shrimp.  It’s good to see places like The New South Cafe supporting other small businesses in our area.

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New owner…new food…same name

New owner/chef, Matthew Roher, launched his re-opening of Cha Bella, a long-time favorite of ours, with a jam-packed grand gala to showcase his delicious food.  We’ll be heading over there to sample his regular menu soon, so keep an eye out for a new review shortly.

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It’s Back!!!!

Under the guidance of co-owner Ray Clark and his newly chosen chef, Will Collins, the Cobblestone Conch House has reappeared!  Clark has installed love seats in the Hemingway Room and the big ship has vanished, to make room for more seating.  The restaurant remains a real beauty.  We’ll let you know about the food as soon as we have time to thoroughly sample it!

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