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Crepes & Burgers

‘In America, you can find a hamburer place every block or so… Breton, where I come from, you’ll find a creperie every block,’ says Herve, chef/owner of Papillote.  The chef makes these large and luscious delicacies exactly as his mother makes them.  They are available every Sunday  for Papillote’s all-day breakfast, filled with your choice of sweet or  savory goodies including his own marvelous fig preserves.  These are a don’t miss!

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Breakfast Lovers, Rejoice!

Papillote is now opening at 9:30 am every Sunday and serving breakfast all day!  The menu will change every week, but always on hand will be their delightful quiches and crepes, a variety of French breakfast breads and pastries, and much, much more!  Don’t miss this….


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Bienvenue! Herve & Ann-Marie

It’s a happy day for all of us who love the French goodies from Papillote. Chef Herve and Ann-Marie are back from France and Papillote is open.

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Papillote Closed for Vacation

Chef Herve and partner Ann Marie are in France for a long anticipated vacation.  It’s the first time in three years that Savannah’s noted French chef has been to his home country.  We’re certain that he’s thoroughly enjoying reconnecting with family and friends!  Papillote will re-open on January 18.

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Happy Anniversary to Papillote

Congratulations to Chef  Herve and Ann-Marie!  Papillote just celebrated its second anniversary.  All of us at SavannahBest are grateful for the ability to take home or eat there,  the lovely French cuisine of Chef  Herve at moderate prices and unwavering quality.  Merci beaucoup!

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Mushroom lovers alert!

If you love mushrooms and you enjoy mushroom soup, you need to try the Mushroom soup at Il Papillote is is by far the best mushroom soup I’ve ever had in decades of eating the dish.  Chef Herve has created a soup  like no other.  The texture and the flavor are intensely mushroom and only mushroom. No milk, cream or chicken broth. Purely pureed mushrooms, of several varieties I’d guess, including-shiitake, one of the portobello varieties, etc. Perhaps a hint of thyme and cumin. The result is the most intensely meaty, woodsy mushroom brew you’ll ever experience.

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Joyeux Anniversaire, Papillote!

Today, Papillote celebrates its first birthday, having opened February 27, 2009.  Along with so many others, we rejoice that this delightful French take-out restaurant not only survived, but thrived, during that most perilous first year!   Best wishes, Chef Herve and Ann Marie, for many years to come!

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New Restaurant!

Gourmet-around-town, Ron Melander (also among the most thoughtful of real estate agents) tells us that the newly opened Noble Fare, in the spot formerly occupied by Jean Louis, is a definite winner!  Another friend tells us that it is actually French! (Since the lady in question has never been to France, we’re reserving our hopes, but will be checking this one out soon!

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