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Blowin’ Smoke to soon blow over Habersham St.

For lots of us who live further east and south than the current MLK location,  the new venue is exciting news.  Not only am I personally happy about being closer to the best bbq in town, but I’m delighted to be close to their marvelous black bean chili!  They expect to open before the end of the month, depending on the speed of kitchen renovations and, of course, permits. Savannahbest awaits!

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Wonderful dishes for chilly evenings

What could be better on a chilly wintery evening than a plate of really good ravioli, especially as made at Leoci’s Trattoria.

Try one of these:  Lobster Ravioli—Ravioli filled with Maine Lobster accompanied with a Champagne Lobster Sauce.

Or….Truffle Sacchetti—Wild Mushroom-filled  pasta purses accompanied with a Four Cheese Truffle Sauce.  Only $22 each!  Buon Appetito!


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Trivia Night at the Crystal Beer Parlor

Crystal Beer Parlor’s Monday nights are not only fun, but offer the biggest cash prize–$6,000–in Savannah for its Trivia competition.  So go on over, get in on the fun and try for the prize!  Meanwhile, Happy Hours drink prices apply throughout Trivia.  The Parlor’s usual Happy Hour is 4 to 7 pm with discounts on all drinks!

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Another Restaurant Obituary

Sugar Daddy’s, with good food, good wine list and in a nice location, has bitten the dust.  Too bad.  I always find it sad when a restaurant goes under.  Hence, my oft repeated refrain to all:  Please, please everyone…avoid the chains and the fast-food joints.  Patronize our locally owned restaurants and eateries.  The owners/chefs of these establishments work long, hard hours, their food is a more unique and fresher than that of any chain, and every dish is filled with love and hope.  So make it your motto:  Eat Local!

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More restaurant closings….always sad news

Two excellent restaurants have closed in the last couple of weeks, both of them terrific spots of very different kinds…..La Vostra Cucina, deliciously Italian, and 606 East, of the best meatloaf sandwich I’ve ever eaten, both succumbed to the economy and closed their doors.  It’s a tough world out there for any small business owner, and toughest of all, I believe, for restaurant owners.

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Farewell to Geneva Geneva’s

As some of you may already have discovered, Geneva Geneva’s closed a few weeks ago.  Sad news for those of us who loved her food, especially that great cornbread and fried chicken!  But we’re betting that Geneva will rise again!

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A Sad Farewell: EOS is no more

One of the brightest and most successful stars of  Savannah’s restaurant scene, Eos, has just been closed by owner Shelley Smith. As brilliant an artist as she is a restaurateur, Shelley has decided to spend more time on her art…and of course, she still has that other bright star of the culinary world, Sol.  But those of us who loved Eos know that we have lost something precious which can never be duplicated.

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A Fine Restaurant Closes Its Doors

Savannah’s only locally owned fine upscale steakhouse has closed its doors for the last time.  Here at Savannahbest, we mourn the demise of Bull Street Chophouse.

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Another good restaurant bites the dust

Sadly, Matt Cohen’s New South Pub,  at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, will close it’s doors for the last time on Aug. 2.

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La Xalapena Closed

Another restaurant has bitten the dust.  Too bad. This place had good Mexican food, but without a beer and wine license, I suspect, not too many customers.

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