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Taste of Thunderbolt May 5th

Venture down to Thunderbolt this Saturday for their annual festival.  It’s free to attend and always a lot of fun.  Expect great seafood and activities for the whole family.  May 5th from 10am-6pm, Mechanics Ave. from Victory Dr. to Rowland Ave.

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13th Annual Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival

Don’t miss this fun family event!  This year’s festival will be held October 14-16th at J.F. Gregory Park in Richmond Hill, GA.  It kicks off Friday night at 5pm with admission of only $5.  After 4pm on Saturday admission will jump to $15.  Live bands and dancers will perform on 2 stages Friday and Saturday nights.  There’s also a car show, 5k Crab Crawl, more delicious seafood than you could imagine, and a fantastic fireworks display on Saturday night!  For more information, call 912-756-3444 or visit

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Shad a Spring Treat

Once upon a long time ago (that is to say, up until 1995 when I moved to Savannah), I was convinced that Turbot was the finest eating fish in the world, especially the Turbot from North Atlantic waters. Then, a new friend of mine invited me to dinner one night to dine on Shad. This exquisite fillet, as bright and white as Turbot, but even more flavorful, won the fish wars, hands down. These days, it’s Shad and the plump bright red roe that so often accompanies it, which fuels my foodie’s dreams during the last dreary days of winter and brightens my evenings during the early spring season. So head on over to Russo’s fish market, buy yourself some Shad and Roe, follow the simple recipes and dine like you’re royalty.

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Russo’s Loss is Everyone’s Loss

Charlie Russo, owner of Russo’s Seafood and Russo’s Seafood Restaurant, lost his battle for the re-zoning which would have allowed his little restaurant to offer sit down dining. Although most residents of his Thomas Square neighborhood were enthused about the restaurant, a small but highly vocal group of nay-sayers, headed by Virginia Mobley, fought the issue long, loud and hard. We never have figured out why Mobley dislikes people sitting down to eat! It’s a well established fact that mixed-use neighborhoods of residential (single and multi-family) homes, retail venues, commercial space and office space, result in convivial, livable neighborhoods where residents and business owners know each other, cooperate, and ultimately build a better community. Crime decreases, too. Well, at least the little restaurant is still providing (take out only) delicious seafood and fish fare for all to enjoy.

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Shrimp and Grits, anyone?

If you love Shrimp and Grits, especially Wild Georgia Shrimp and Grits, head on out to Jekyll Island the weekend of Sept. 19, 20 & 21 for the Shrimp & Grits Festival. There will be shrimp and seafood dishes from several local restaurants, a shrimp & grits competition for chefs, plus music, arts, crafts, antiques and collectibles and more! You can also take a shrimping excursion or explore a shrimp boat. Starts Friday at 5 pm, Sat. at 10 am, and Sunday at noon.

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What’s your PERFECT Valentine’s Day dinner?

Recently, in the midst of pondering our own choices for Valentine’s Dinner, we decided to poll our regular SavannahBest readers. So we sent a question, “What is your choice for a perfect, romantic Valentine’s Dinner?”  to a good sampling of them. 
We anticipated a preponderance of beef or seafood or fish, or perhaps poultry, lamb, veal or wild game. We’re keeping the poll open till Feb. 1st, so the responses are not all in yet, but so far, it seems, SavannahBest readers are as diverse and eclectic in their tastes as the eateries (not including Southern soul food, of which there is an abundance) that dot Savannah’s culinary landscape. Of dozens of replies, no two had exactly the same main course or appetizer. For dessert, however, chocolate seems to be a potential winner.
Herewith, a small sample of responses.
“My favorite would be Sushi, which I find to be a rare art,” says Rebecca. The chef puts so much love and energy into the preparation and presentation, I find it a precious treat!
I would pair it with an exquisite white wine. And of course, dessert. Something light, but chocolate!  Perhaps some green tea ice cream and warm chocoate sauce drizzled on top. 
“Fondue would be my choice for first course, main course and of course, for dessert.    Fondue is much more interactive than your usual dinner,” was Heather’s succinct choice.
Chef about town, Alicia Cannon, suggests a dinner she recently made for a couple in their new home (thus far without much in the way of cooking appliances or equipment). I brought along my own barbeque unit and made due from there. The menu, which they loved, was as follows:
Grilled asparagus with a balsamic reduction
Caesar salad
Grilled steak filet  with a mushroom Pinot sauce and lobster tails
Rosemary whipped potatoes and fresh grilled green beans
Chocolate decadent torte with a raspberry sauce and chocolate dipped strawberries.
The more we read, the hungrier we got.
Another delectable menu came from Jenn:
Appetizer:  Warm and soft rosemary focaccia served with sweet herb and sun dried tomato olive oil for dipping
A small cup of lobster bisque (this is probably cheating, but I’m going to say Sapphire Grill-esque!)
Entre: Seared tuna mignon rubbed with black pepper and brushed with a ginger-soy vinaigrette (hint of citrus) served with Melted tomatoes and Grilled asparagus brushed with melted garlic butter
Wine: A Clos Du Val chardonnay
Dessert: Two dark chocolate truffles (total of four; two for each person).  The first has a dark chocolate ganache inside and the outer shell is topped with powdered cocoa; the second has a mint chocolate ganache inside and the other shell is topped with culinary gold dust .
For the moment, anyway, we’ll end our responses with one from an exceedingly practical, “cut to the chase” kind of gal.
“I choose sex for dinner with chocolate and wine.” – Emily
Feel free to comment with YOUR perfect Valentine’s Day dinner.

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