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For a super lucky year!

In most of the world, there are special dishes to eat on the first day of the New Year, which are said to bring good fortune in the 12 months ahead.  And in a great deal of the America, this food is some form of beans, greens and pork.  The beans are said to bring luck, the pork to give you health, and the greens to offer money.


Beans and Greens for New Year’s Day


Kielbasa, Chorizo, or Andouille sausage.  1 whole sausage, cut in pieces

Beans – 1 can each  black eyed peas, lentils, red kidney beans


Greens –  2 large bags frozen mixed greens


1 quart each beef broth and chicken broth


1 or 2 lg. cloves garlic


1 med. Sized onion, halved


Directions:   The sausages are usually sold fully cooked. If not, after cutting them up, microwave till close to fully cooked.  Cut sausage into one or two-bite pieces. Place in large soup pot. Add beans, greens, broth, and seasonings. Bring to a boil, then turn down heat and simmer for an hour.  Enjoy a wonderfully lucky year filled with good fortune, health and wealth!

Will serve 6 hungry people.

Note:  I use three kinds of beans because each was the favored one in one of the places I’ve lived—Red kidney beans in New England, Lentils in Italy, and Black Eyed Peas here in the South.  But obviously, you can use any or some or all of them as you wish.


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All you can eat Oyster Roast Feb. 17th

You read that right!  An all you can eat Oyster Roast will be held to benefit Habitat for Humanity will be held on the 17th at 6pm at Christopher Drive and Waters Ave.  $20 to attend, call 912-353-8122 for more information.

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Bienvenue! Herve & Ann-Marie

It’s a happy day for all of us who love the French goodies from Papillote. Chef Herve and Ann-Marie are back from France and Papillote is open.

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Good Eats from Germany Coming Soon!

Oktoberfest ,  September 30 – October 2,  is a load of fun, from  music and often dancing in the streets, to good eats, you can’t beat this annual River Street frolic. Bratwurst, pretzels, Schnitzel to knockwurst and of course, beer of every variety!  

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Wine Dinner at Blue Turtle Bistro

“Moving into Autumn,” a private Wine Dinner will be held at Blue Turtle Bistro on Sunday, September 18th from 4:30pm-6:30pm.  The restaurant will only be open to those who reserve a spot for this event.  Sample wines from Chile, Washington, California, and South Africa.  Each will be paired with a gourmet creation from Chef Matt.  $46 per person.  To book your spot and find out more about this event, call 912-358-0808.

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Extended Hours at B. Matthew’s Eatery

On Sunday, July 3rd, B. Matthew’s will have extended hours so you can have dinner and then walk right across the road to see the fireworks!  They’ll be open for brunch from 9am-3pm and will reopen for dinner from 5-9pm.  Walk ins are welcome but reservations will also be accepted.

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Last Chance for Discounted Tickets!

If you were pondering the Champagne Tasting and Brunch at Tybee’s new Wedding Chapel on April 17th, better get your tickets today!  Get your tickets for $40 by the end of the day, after today they go up to $45.  Tasting will be held at 11am and brunch starts at 11:30.  Only 80 spots are available and no tickets will be sold at the door.  To order tickets visit .

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