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Temporary Suspension

Due to an illness in the family, I have to temporarily discontinue most of my postings on this blog. I’m afraid I will not have the time to go out scouting around for new restaurants or new dishes at old favorites. Of course, if something comes my way, Ill post it or if any of my readers have little tidbits of news about eateries or the world of foodies in general, I will be delighted to post it. Just sent them to me at
Hopefully, I will be back in stride soon!

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Low Country Boil to go at Murphy’s

You really can’t beat the Low Country Boil at Murphy’s. It’s fresh — prepared the moment you order it — and heaping with shrimp, plus the usual sausage, potatoes and corn on the cob. It’s a big portion, too, so for the average appetite, two can probably share the dish. At least, my husband and I do just that. And at $7.50 you really can’t go wrong. Murphy;s at 1201 Habersham St., Tel: 335-7325. Enjoy!

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More than satisfied at Satisfied

On my most recent trip to Satisfied, I started off with their Flash Fried Asparagus as an appetizer. Now I love asparagus, and have eaten dozens of fried asparagus appetizers over the years, most of which I usually carefully extract from their coating and just eat the delicious green stalk. But their light and delicate batter is in itself filled with flavor, and I gobbled down every bite of it, all enhanced with a bit of mango aioli. Downright delicious!

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Fish Lovers Rejoice!

Jack, my husband, walked in the door with a smile. “How about fish for dinner?” he said to my delight.

In the big bag he carried were freshly fried flounder, corn on the cob and hush pupies. Although I’m not a big fan of fried fish, Jack is, and I can live with it if the batter isn’t too heavy and the fish not overcooked. I adore corn on the cob! And who doesn’t like a good hush puppy? So we set the oven on Warm, put the food in, and a half hour later sat down to eat.

The flounder tasted fresh as could be and was perfectly cooked. The batter itself was tasty and not too heavy. So I ate some of it, then simply peeled the rest off of my fish and savored the flounder. The corn was perfectly cooked, too. That is, just barely cooked, so it tasted fresh off the field. And the hush puppies were the lightest, fluffiest, most delightful I’ve had in many a year!

This pleasant surprise came from Murphy’s Seafood Bargain, recently opened at 1201 Habersham St. just north of Henry.

Essentially a seller of sea food and fresh fish, Murphy will also cook to order.
In addition to the flounder, there were several other fish choices, among them Sea Bass, Tilapia, Mullet and Whiting. The fish menu will change, the owner says, depending on what’s caught that day. They also have a variety of shell fish — shrimp, several kinds of crab, oysters, conch, scallops, mussels, crawfish and more.

We also got a shrimp salad that night. A really wonderful shrimp salad, with small, sweet shrimp with a very light dressing that seems to include tiny bits of celery. Very possibly the best shrimp salad I’ve had in Savannah.

To order in advance call 912-335-7325. Hours are 10 to 6 Mon-Thur and 10-9 Fri & Sat

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Nice Surprise at the Five Spot This Evening

Over in Habersham Village, the Five Spot has a luscious sounding special tonight. French inspired, it’s Salmon en Papillote salmon with squash, zucchini, tomato, swiss chard, lemon and roasted garlic with marrow butter all wrapped in parchment paper, over brown rice with cherries and fried capers. $15 Yum!

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Solar Champions Tonight

Don’t forget, tonight is the night for fans of Solar Energy!  Solar Champions meet at 5:45 pm at Satisfied.  All newcomers welcomed!  Any questions, call Jack at 233-4288.

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Solar Champions Finds a New Home at Satisfied

The next meeting of Solar  Champions will be held from 5:45-7pm Tuesday, Mar 19 at Satisfied, 301 E. Broughton, in the spacious 2nd floor area. Management likes us – and we return the compliment.. Food is good, so are drinks, both affordable. Service is pleasant. Atmosphere is lovely, says head champion, Jack Star. In addition to their new home, Solar Champions has a new goal as well: to ready their exhibit for Earth Day.  Anyone interested in Solar Energy is welcome, whether you’re a long-time advocate or just interested in learning more.

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Today is the Day for Wet Willie’s newest location!

As you no doubt know, I almost never mention a chain Restaurant or bar. But Wet Willie’s was born n Savannah more than 20 years ago, created by a few savvy Savannahians, and remains headquartered here in its home town. So we’re proud of Wet Willie’s and happy for its success.                                    

Located at 232 West St. Julian St., on the corner of West St. Julian St.
and Jefferson St. in City Market, the new Wet Willie?s will feature two
levels of dining, indoor and outdoor seating, hand-painted murals by Bill
Wrigley and restored original interior décor features including period
stained glass windows and doors. The restaurant and bar will serve lunch and dinner daily.  All of the restaurant?s signature frozen drinks  including Call-A-Cab, Sex on the Beach and Attitude Improvement ? will be available to enjoy in-house or to-go.

The menu will feature old favorites like Chicken Wings, Savannah
Shrimp and Grits, Quesadillas and Black Angus Burgers as well as brand-new menu items like a Savannah Shrimp Boil, Apple Pecan Salad, a Turkey Club with bacon and fried green tomatoes.

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More than satisfied with Satisfied

I almost missed out on going to Satisfied.  And that would have been a bad mistake on my part.  People had told me that it was a combination restaurant and sports bar. Since I am not a sports fan (unless the sport is horse  racing) my experience, sports bars has been very limited and a few times I visited one, the food was definitely not top drawer. But I was nearby when the companion who suggested we try the place and when he told me it was owned by the folks at created Sweet Potatoes and Cafe Toucon, I happily agreed.  
I ordered the Portobello mushroom available in their vegetable section. A large clump portobello came to my table graced with chevre cheese, red onion marmalade and a balsamic drizzle over wilted greens. The meaty flavor of the mushroom enhanced by the piquant red onion and balsamic over the green and made for a truly succulent and delicious dish. My companion ordered the Cuban sandwich, also a favorite of  mine. The Cuban roll was still with slices of savory roast pork am still pickle Swiss cheese and mustard with a side dish black bean salad.  The sandwich was as close as you can calm to the original home fashioned in Tampa, Florida. To say we were satisfied with Satisfied is an understatement. I will return again and very soon.

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New Wine Bar to Open Thurs., Feb. 28

Winston’s Wine Cellar, opens this Thursday, Feb. 28, at 5:00 pm on the lower level of Churchill’s Pub, 13 W. Bay St. 

“Winston’s Wine Cellar offers guests an intimate, relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a dynamic and sophisticated wine list with a focus on both domestic and international selections in an exclusive wine bar setting,” says Andy Holmes, owner of Churchill’s and Winston’s Wine Cellar. The new wine bar features a custom-made wine vault, strategically housed within the wine bar, which will showcase more than one hundred varieties of wine, expertly chosen from around the world. The bottle, with rotating selections by the glass, will offer wine selections. A selection of small plates will also be offered.

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