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Wine Tasting Goes High Tech

Savannah Wine Cellar is one of the newest tenants at the Twelve Oaks Shopping Center on Abercorn. And it is like entering a genuine wine cellar with wooden racks from floor to ceiling giving the store an almost grotto-like feel.  There  is ample opportunity to do sample tastes of 32 different wines. You buy a smart card, at whatever amount you choose, and then select 1oz or 2oz tastes. Prices I saw started a little over $1. At the end of your session you can get a print out  of the balance remaining on your card and a list of all the wines you have sampled.  More info:  355-9463

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Thanksgiving Dinner with Your Doggy: Beware!

I always want to share Thanksgiving with my pooches….. they’re part of my family and they are a major part of what I give thanks for.  But I’ve learned to be careful.  Here are some common T-Day food items that your dog should NEVER ingest! 

candy with xylitol
garlic or onions
bread dough
batter with raw eggfs
macademia nuts
grapes or raisins
rich or spicy foods

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Deliciously quick last minute ideas for Thanksgiving!

Last minute quickies for Thanksgiving dinner!

 Extra guests coming for T-Day?  Need to fill them up with some extra appetizers or side dishes or desserts?  Here are some quick and easy, yummy ideas ideas…. Just go to Savannahbest’s Cooking page:


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A Luscious Lagniappe to your Traditional Roast Turkey

Mix two tbsp. Gran Marnier and three tbsp. softened butter until you have an easy to spread paste. Brush or rub this all over the skin of your turkey and get some under the skin where you readily can.   Make a tbsp. or so of zest of orange and mix that into your regular dressing or stuffing.  Then roast your turkey in your preferred mode. If you normally take it out and baste mid-way through, then baste with this Gran Marnier mixture.   Not only will your turkey taste wonderful, your kitchen will be perfumed that that delicate Gran Marnier scent.  Cheers!

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Eat Before You Sail

A group of friends recently invited my husband and me to join them on the Diamond Casino Boat.  We’re not big gamblers, but their website promised live entertainent, food, and in addition to a few table games, slot machines.  We boarded the boat at 6:45pm, and waited for the 7pm departure.  My husband asked the bartender what time we were to return to port so we could pace ourselves over the night.  Turns out the boat doesn’t return until 1am, MUCH longer than either one of us cared to be on the boat (thank God for penny slots), but we were with friends and figured we’d make the most of it.  Our first impression of the boat was that is smelled a bit like a bowling alley, thankfuly the upper deck provides some fresh air and the live entertainment was decent.  After a while, we headed for food, and the wait was painfully slow.  I had hoped to land a few crackers from the bar while we waited, but they were all out.  We had both eaten before we left but 6.5 hours on a boat would make anyone hungry.  My burger finally arrived with a side of cole slaw looking like something out of a high school cafeteria.  My husband ordered the wings, and after one gelatinous bite, threw the entire order in the trash.  As for drinks, they offer a full bar, though only Bud and Bud Light for beer.  If you’re actively gambling, they will provide your drinks for free, but the waitresses don’t make the rounds as they should, and I certainly wasn’t about to pay for a drink while I was consistently pumping money into their machines.  By the end of this long night, there wasn’t a corner of the boat that didn’t have someone sleeping in it, and we also witnessed a fight between passengers that nearly kncocked me off my chair.  Needless to say, we won’t be boarding that boat again anytime soon.

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Lovely Atmosphere, Terrific Coffee!

Tucked into the heart of Forsyth Park, The Forsyth Park Cafe could not have a better view or a better atmosphere.  The interior of the cafe is sleek, modern and done in colors to coordinate with the park.  The spacious windows give you the feel of being outdoors even when you’re inside.  The outdoor area is partially open to the skies and partly covered.  All in all, the setting could not be improved upon.  And the coffe, all Starbucks, is delicious.  The food, however, seems on the dicey side.  A week or so ago, my husband and I shared a lamb gyro.  The gyro was downright delicious, and plenty for a hefty meal for two, although the resemblance between the gyro and its Middle Eastern forebears is that of a second cousin, twice removed.  But the lamb was young, tasty and tender….we were content.  Alas, we got another one a few days later and …there was a different cook.  The meat was overcooked, on the dry side, and the wrap had a vaguely stale flavor.  The next day, a friend told me she’d ordered a sandwich there that was supposed to have cheese on it and had some sort of processed cheese food.  “I’ll stick to coffee from now on,”  she said.  They do have beer and wine….maybe a bit of alcohol would have helped!

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Who’s cooking for Thanksgiving?

We’ve found two more Savannah restaurants offering package deals for Thanksgiving Dinner.  The Blue Turtle will put together a Thanksgiving Dinner that will feed 12 people for only $175.  They even have the option of buying items a la carte.  Wild Wing Cafe will offer complete dinners as well, and will be serving up fried turkeys this year. 

If you know of another Savannah restaurant offering up Thanksgiving Dinner, leave us a comment!  We’ll be posting all sorts of Turkey Day Tidbits, so if you don’t want to miss a post, subscribe to our blog.

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