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Lovely Atmosphere, Terrific Coffee!

Tucked into the heart of Forsyth Park, The Forsyth Park Cafe could not have a better view or a better atmosphere.  The interior of the cafe is sleek, modern and done in colors to coordinate with the park.  The spacious windows give you the feel of being outdoors even when you’re inside.  The outdoor area is partially open to the skies and partly covered.  All in all, the setting could not be improved upon.  And the coffe, all Starbucks, is delicious.  The food, however, seems on the dicey side.  A week or so ago, my husband and I shared a lamb gyro.  The gyro was downright delicious, and plenty for a hefty meal for two, although the resemblance between the gyro and its Middle Eastern forebears is that of a second cousin, twice removed.  But the lamb was young, tasty and tender….we were content.  Alas, we got another one a few days later and …there was a different cook.  The meat was overcooked, on the dry side, and the wrap had a vaguely stale flavor.  The next day, a friend told me she’d ordered a sandwich there that was supposed to have cheese on it and had some sort of processed cheese food.  “I’ll stick to coffee from now on,”  she said.  They do have beer and wine….maybe a bit of alcohol would have helped!

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A Terrific Burger at Sunnyside Up!

Two of our foodie friends had lunch recently at Sunnyside Up (800 DeRenne).  Now we know that Sunnyside Up has great breakfasts–super-fresh eggs, heavenly hash browns, wonderful omelets.  But we’d never thought of them as a lunch spot. One of my friends reported “best burger I ever ate!”, and the other said his Tuna Club ws the best he’d ever eaten.  Sounds  worth a trip to us!

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Caraway Cafe a Big Winner !

Doubt that I’ve ever eaten a heartier, heftier, more delicious sandwish than the Tuna Melt I had yesterday from the Caraway Cafe at 202 E. Broughton St. This was light years away from the tuna melt that normally is some run of the mill tuna salad with a slice of American cheese melted over it. Here was a thick slab of tuna steak, grilled to perfection, and placed on a ciabatta roll. Filled with chunks of artichoke hearts, an interesting aioli-style dressing, bits of green, and topped with Gruyère, and accompanied by a lavishly large artichoke heart  salad,  the whole plate fed two of us hungry people with a fair amount left over to take home.  Lunch just doesn’t get any better than this!

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The Green Truck rolls into Thomas Square neighborhood

Two of my favorite food scouts came back from lunch yesterday with broad smiles.  They’d just been to the new Greentruck Pub at 2430 Habersham (right off Maupas) where they’d gobbled “GREAT!” burgers with hand fashioned fries and homemade ketchup and homemade pickles.  I perused the menu they brought…. and believe me, I’ll be there soon.  It’s all salads, sandwiches, burgers of every persuasion, soups, and such and sounds downright delicious.  And yes, there really is a green truck parked outside .

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At long last lunch!

…at Alligator Soul!  Devotees of this fine food emporium have long clamored for them to open for lunch.  Where better to take a client you need to impress, or a sweetheart for a tete a tete…or simply some great food and relaxing atmosphere for a mid-day break in the daily madness.  …for their menu, just go to:

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Recession Relief Lunch at Ruan Thai Cuisine

Sounds like a deal to us!  Choice of Pad Thai, various curry dishes, BBQ Pork and others, all including rice, salad, and spring roll for $5.75 or $6.75 for lunch at Ruan Thai Cuisine on W.  Broughton St.

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Daybreak Cafe recently opened in Thomas Square area

A new breakfast and lunch spot,  The  Daybreak Cafe, at 36th & Habersham, offers one of the most enticing menus we’ve seen in a while.  From Shrimp or Salmon Patty and Grits to a Hash Brown Breakfast,  and lunches from a super-sized 10 oz. burger  with pretty much anything you can think of on it, to fab club sandwich on Texas toast,  it all sounds great!  From 7 am till 3 pm.  For more details, call 232-4400.

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Great News at Cafe 37

Although it’s a lunchtime favorite of mine, I hadn’t been to Cafe 37 in quite some time. I just don’t take the time off from work to go out to lunch unless someone pushes me. Which an out of town friend did. So we went, and both had my favorite–their lovely Caesar Salad with white anchovies–and I discovered that they now serve wine. Even better, this little gem of a place is now open for dinner Fridays and Saturdays from 5 pm to 9 pm. What a treat! You can bet I’ll be there soon and report back.

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Good News for Devotees of The New South Cafe

Rumors have abounded about the fate of The New South Cafe, which recently closed its Skidaway Road location. Good news for the fans of this lovely spot! Chef Matt Cohen announces that The New South is relocating to accommodate a much larger and more spacious restaurant. It is now located just minutes from downtown Savannah in Pooler. “We outgrew our Skidaway Road kitchen and dining room.” Now at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, the restaurant, serving the same popular gourmet style comfort food, is open for lunch from 11 am to 2 pm, and starting in January will be open for dinner. For more info, call 748-8888.

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New Restaurant Opens in Thunderbolt

Tortuga’s Island Grille is now open in Thunderbolt at 2815 River Dr, Breakfast and lunch till 3 pm. We’ll give you more details soon.

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