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Blues, Jazz and Barbeque on the River

May 31 – June 2: Lots of good eats, live music and artisan crafts on River Street all weekend long! So start the summer season right! Eat, drink and be merry on the river!

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Polk’s Produce Spring Fling, Arts & Crafts Festival

Polks Produce has been a favorite spot of mine ever since I moved to Savannah nearly 20 years ago. Their farm fresh produce is a delight, and their house plants the most gorgeous imaginable. I’ve often done all of my Christmas shopping at Polks, sending their locally made jams, jellies, preserves, relishes and more to friends around the country to give them a bit of the flavor of Savannah. So of course, I’ll be thee tomorrow for their all-day Spring Fling. There will be barbecued Pork Butt till 4 pm, barbeques plates, hot boiled peanuts, desserts galore. Live music, pony rides for the kids and more. So head for Pooler tomorrow. It’ll be worth the trip! 807 Highway 80 West, Pooler GA

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Frog’s Ass Shot or Gin & Tonic with St. Patrick cheer!

 If Kermit tried this one, he would have to admit, “it’s easy being green!”

Here’s how it shakes up in bartender lingo:
1 count, Bacardi 151 Rum
1 count, Bacardi Light Rum
1 count, Malibu Rum
1 count, Jamaican or Caribbean Coconut Rum
A splash of Midori – green melon liqueur

Shake it all up with some ice, strain into a rocks glass, and it’s bottoms up. The taste is tropical, slightly sweet and smooth enough to slide a frog on its a-double-s!

Or take a traditional Gin and Tonic, splash in just enough Midori to tint it green…and bottoms up! Of course, you could use a few drops of green food coloring as they do for the beer, but then you wouldn’t have that lovely melon flavor.

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On the Way to St. Patrick’s Day!

This time of year, thoughts turn to Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Stew, Fish and Chips, Bangers & Mash, and of course, Irish Whiskey and Irish Ale.  All of which seem to suggest Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub, Murphy’s Law Pub, and although it’s Scotch, not Irish, Molly MacPherson’s.  Kevin Barry’s tops my list with its corned beef & cabbage or its Irish Sampler which will give you portions of several Irish dishes…in abundance!  Fish and Chips are good at Murphy’s, and the Scottish eggs at McPherson’s are top notch. So get really Irish for the rest of the week and take them all in !  You’ll love it!

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Love Seafood but Hesitant to Cook It?

If you’re among the multitude who enjoy cooking but are timid about tackling anything from ocean or lake, then “Seafood School,” “Seafood Treasures from the Golden Isles” may be just the ticket!
Thursday, April 11 at 11:30am
Tybee Lite Shrine Club
1 Meddin Avenue, Tybee Island

Each of the classes will feature one spectacular seafood dish and each will be conducted by a nationally renowned chef, starting with the two head chefs at Savannah’s own iconic Elizabeth on 37th St.
The Dishes:  Herb Glazed Georgia Shrimp with Low Country Hash and Corn Pudding; Shrimp Sea Island; Ol’Fuskie Fried Crab Rice; Oysters in Leek and Bourbon Cream Served w/ Lemon Pepper Hoe Cakes;  Shrimp Creole – Tybee  Style!

Each class will include the instruction, the printed recipe, the dish to eat, and the wine that is paired with it to drink!  What more could anyone want?
Last year’s Seafood School sold out,
so be sure to reserve your spot soon.
Includes a tasting luncheon featuring each of the foods demonstrated, 
white wine
  and copies of all of the recipes!
Tickets are only $55 plus $3 tax and handing ($20 of which is a tax 
deductible contribution)
You can purchase your tickets online if you do it by April 5:  Online ordering is only available until
Friday, April 5th!

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Taste of Halloween Masquerade Ball

Don’t forget, this one of a kind event is tomorrow night! Oct. 30, at Morris Center!   Don’t miss it!  For all the details, go to our Oct. 11 post.

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Dreaming of all things Jewish…to eat, that is!

I cannot say that Jewish food is near the top of my “favorite foods” list. It is down quite a way, in fact. But like so many of us, put something out of reach, and I want it!  And good Jewish eats unreachable much of the year in Savannah. A really good corned beef sandwich is hard to come by; a good patrami even more out of reach. And tongue?  You’ll only get it once a year, in one place, and that is at the Shalom Y’All food festival in Forsyth Park, this Sunday, Oct. 28.  Really good chopped liver is another rarity, and it is here aplenty!  What is missing, though, even here, is the schmaltz to go with it!  Surely, someone among the many cooks for this festival must have a grandmother who knows how to make schmaltz, which used to be served atop or alongside chopped liver, always!  That lovely, creamy, gooey blob of yellow makes chopped liver into something special, not just some chicken livers ground up.  I wish I knew how to make it, but I don’t. All I know is that it is rendered chicken fat, which adds moisture to a basically rather dry dish and turns it into heaven.  But you can achieve something similar by adding some softened butter, which I do.  Not exactly Kosher, but it sure is good!  Anyway, go and enjoy!   Ess gesunt!

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