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New Bar Menu at Alligator Soul

Here’s a great opportunity to sample the fine cuisine dished out by Alligator Soul’s chef, Chris Dinello. They’re now featuring a brand new bar menu, served only in the bar/lounge area.  Small plates of a wide variety of delectable food,  ranging from beef to seafood to salad, and most everything in between. One such mouthwatering dish is the  Beef Roulade au Poivre rolled with  Stilton Bleu Cheese, Wild Mushrooms, Roasted Pepper, Baby Spinach, and Sundried Tomatoes. Served over Vodka and Honey Braised Leeks and Drizzled with Demi Glace  and Cream.  Another is Shrimp and Grits, Lemon Butter and Creole Spiced Sauteed Georgia Wild Shrimp served over Georgia Stone Ground Grits with Tasso Ham and Cheddar Cheese.  These and most dishes at $14. A few lighter ones at $6. There’s lots more than we’ve room to list here, but for the complete menu, just send your request to us as a comment, and we’ll give you the complete scoop! Or call the restaurant at 232-7899.

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Sundays at Eos

For the month of February, Eos is featuring 1/2 price off of their entire selection of great wines! A  chance to explore some of the finest wines in town. They’ll even be open on Super Bowl Sunday….. Orders to go, anyone? They’ll take good care of you. For more info, call 238-2400.

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Happy Hour at Alligator Soul

Sunday through Thursday,  5 pm to 7 pm, Alligator Soul is offering all draft pints for $3, all bottled beers for $2, and all well drinks for 1/2 regular price. Can’t get much happier than that! Cheers!

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Johnny Harris celebrates 85 years!

To celebrate it’s 85th anniversary, Johnny Harris Restaurant is now offering  specials at $8.50 for combinations of a variety of their barbeque specialties, including  chicken, pork, ribs, all with your choice of a side, plus cornbread or buttered toast.   Served at both lunch and dinner. For more info, call 354-7810.

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Bull Street Chophouse offers fixed-price dinner

Bull St. Chophouse is offering a fixed -price dinner at $20.99 per person, now until Feb. 13. Dinner includes appetizer, entree and dessert. Available evenings Monday through Thursday, and Friday and Saturdays after 9:30 pm. Call 232-2728.

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Valentine Day Celebrations for Lovers & Others

Two celebrations at Eos for sweethearts, spouses, friends or renegade  singles. First, from 3 to 5 pm, a wine tasting that celebrates wines for the moment, like Rosso d’Amore, First Love, or Elysium plus a number of others. Owner Shelley Smith wanted to try Fetish, but sadly, it was out of stock.  The whole works $20.   The evening, starting at 6 pm, will be the regular wine and food tasting that will include 5 courses and 5 wines, including the legendary “Flower’s Perennial. Reservations have already started for this grand evening, so call quickly to reserve your table.       238-2400.

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Pitstop Pick-Up at Blowin’Smoke BBQ

For all of us workaholics forever in a rush, Blowin’Smoke offers a real deal. Don’t even get out of your car. Just call ahead to 231-2385, place your order, describe your car, and they’ll bring your order to your car door. Pay in advance if you’d like or when you get your order.                                 They’re at 514 MLK Blvd.

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Charley’s Grilled Subs Now Open

Took awhile for the rennovations, but Charley’s Grilled Subs has finally opened in Victory Square.  Specialty is South Philly Cheesesteak of various kinds, but they also have a pretty good selection of other kinds of subs.  We had a go at the Gourmet Fries…. darned good!

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Brew and BBQ at Blowin’Smoke

Friday,  Jan. 23, starting at 6:30 pm, Blowin’Smoke owner, Brian Huskey, and Savannah Distributors,  will feature Beer and BBQ!  A plate of Pulled Pork BBQ, Beef Ribs,  plus two sides, and you get to sample five different craft beers, al for $25.

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La Xalapena is a Winner!

The first time I tried the food at La Xalapena, I was so surprised I could hardly believe it.  Here was the best,  genuinely Mexican  food I’d ever eaten in Savannah (and I’ve tried many of the Mexican eateries around town), and I could hardly believe it would not soon sink into the usual Mexican-American gooey dreary tastlessness. I waited about a month and a half to try again. And once again, I was amazed. One of my all-time favorite dishes is Enchiladas Verde. Here, they are near perfect. Filled with genuine Mexican cheese instead of the usual Velveeta-like goo. Topped with more cheese, the buttery, creamy Asadero beloved by Mexicans,  and green enchilada sauce.  Sprinkled with a light layer of shredded lettuce. The beef, chicken and bean enchiladas each have their individual flavors,  not too spicy, but well seasoned and  far from bland. The empanadas proved to be another delight. Big, fat,  and packed with filling–the beef ones especially skillfully seasoned with just the right amounts of garlic, onion, cumin and oregano. The only drawback to this delightful place is that they have no beer license, and to me, a Mexican dinner without beer is like an Italian dinner without wine….like a day without sunshine! So thus far, I’ve picked up their food and taken it home where I’m well stocked with Dos Equis!

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