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La Xalapena is a Winner!

The first time I tried the food at La Xalapena, I was so surprised I could hardly believe it.  Here was the best,  genuinely Mexican  food I’d ever eaten in Savannah (and I’ve tried many of the Mexican eateries around town), and I could hardly believe it would not soon sink into the usual Mexican-American gooey dreary tastlessness. I waited about a month and a half to try again. And once again, I was amazed. One of my all-time favorite dishes is Enchiladas Verde. Here, they are near perfect. Filled with genuine Mexican cheese instead of the usual Velveeta-like goo. Topped with more cheese, the buttery, creamy Asadero beloved by Mexicans,  and green enchilada sauce.  Sprinkled with a light layer of shredded lettuce. The beef, chicken and bean enchiladas each have their individual flavors,  not too spicy, but well seasoned and  far from bland. The empanadas proved to be another delight. Big, fat,  and packed with filling–the beef ones especially skillfully seasoned with just the right amounts of garlic, onion, cumin and oregano. The only drawback to this delightful place is that they have no beer license, and to me, a Mexican dinner without beer is like an Italian dinner without wine….like a day without sunshine! So thus far, I’ve picked up their food and taken it home where I’m well stocked with Dos Equis!

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