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Party at the New South Cafe!

Winner of the 2008 Small Business Chamber’s (SBC)  best New & Emerging Small Business of the Year, Chef Matt Cohen and his New South Cafe are throwing a Tent Party tonight, April 30, with free wine and gourmet appetizers at the Cafe. Don’t miss this lively event 5:30 to 7:00 pm.  

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EOS definitely to open this weekend

According to owner Shelley Smith, this weekend, May 3 and 4, Eos will definitely have its “soft opening,” with brunch served from 10:30 am to 4 pm. This charming new eatery is at 1801 Habersham. Don’t miss it!


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Cafe 37 open on 37th St.

About a month ago, Chef Blake Elsinghorst and Andrea Mongelli quietly opened their little cafe at the corner of 37th & Abercorn. Although it’s not quite the full French Restaurant of SavannahBest.Com’s dreams, it comes very close (except for lack of wine) to many little French cafes at which I’ve idled away time in France. So far, I’ve only tried the Escargot (huge portion!) and the Caesar Salad with that wondrous rarity, White Anchovies, and both have been delicious, although I prefer the traditional, stronger garlic flavor on the escargot to the shallot. The sourdough bread, homemade from an 8-year starter, is wonderful and although I haven’t tasted it yet, the Pork Confit sandwich is beckoning. A work of patience is that confit, since it takes at least two weeks to prepare! More on this little Thomas Square gem soon.

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A Simple and Delicious Mother’s Day Dinner

During the years I lived in Italy, Mother’s Day was a big feast day, and probably the only time that Mama (whoever was the eldest mama) didn’t cook for the whole family on Sunday. On Mother’s Day, someone else took over. Italian cooking was always good, easy and simple, especially in Rome, where I lived during most of those years. And Saltimbocca alla Romana was a favorite dish of mine and of most Romans.  For a delightful repast of this delicate veal dish, just click

And give the mother in your life a very happy day! 



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EOS Opening Postponed

Just got a call from Brian Torres, co-owner of Eos, the new (soon-to-be) Wine Bar and Small Plate Restaurant on Habersham. The original Sat. and Sun. brunch opening scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday, has had to be postponed…. no doubt due to the usual labor-pains of opening any restaurant. We’ll keep you posted!


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Black Tie Gala on May 1

The Coastal Catering Alliance with The New South Cafe will be participating in the seventh annual Red Cross Gourmet Soiree Black Tie Gala at the DeSoto Hilton May 1, starting at 7:30. Chef Matt Cohen, founder of the Alliance, is launching his second annual Cooking for Charity series in 2008. For more info, call 233-7568.

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Bikini Delight at Debi’s Restaurant

No, the servers at Debi’s Restaurant aren’t trotting around in bikinis. Not right now, anyway. The Bikini Delight is a new lunch special–the kind of thing you might want to eat at the beach. Baked Fish with Coleslaw, plus unsweetened tea, for $5.50. Delicious!                                                                                                                                               An old favorite of SavannahBest, served on Wednesdays, is their voluptuous Taco Salad.  So big it’s tough to finish it all! 


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