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An Ode to Soft Shelled Crab and to Chef Chris DeNello

Soft shelled crab has been one of my five most favorite foods ever since I first tasted it some 25 years ago. So of course, when I saw it was among the specials a few nights ago at Alligator Soul, I immediately ordered it. These wonderful little creatures are only available about once a year, so when they are, I grab them! These proved to be, unquestionably, the very best I have ever eaten, any time, anywhere. Chef Chris DiNello’s amazing artistry in the kitchen never fails to astound me. These marvelous morsels were sautéed w/Seasoned Georgia Peanut, Organic Local Ground Ginger and L cal Corn Meal Flour. House made Kim Chi, Lemon Dressed Local Organic Red Sorrell, Cajun Steamed and Grilled Crawfish, Spiced Bourbon Caramel rounded off the dish, which was served with Creamy Freeman Mills Stone Ground Grits.

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Christmas wishes from Alligator Soul

Maureen Craig, owner of Alligator Soul, and Chris DiNello, executive chef an co-owner, threw another of their marvelous Christmas parties for friends and family. Not only were the food and wines lavish, but the good wishes of the owners were equally genuine and equally lavish. Here, all of us at, are grateful to them for helping to put Savannah on the culinary destination map! And for bringing contented smiles to the faces of so many of our readers who loves them as much as we do!

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Exotic excitement at Alligator Soul

If you’re tired of the same old dishes–beef, pork, lamb, veal, poultry, fish or seafood–just head for Alligator Soul.  Chef Chris does all of those to perfection, but now he’s got a new repertoire up his sleeve.  It’s time for adventure!  On tap are Yak, Elk, Bison, Antelope, Ostrich, Quail, Pheasant, Rabbit, Beaver.  So go for it!  Chef will prepare these to your liking.  Yum!

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Alligator Soul Always Gets It Right!

What do you do  at the end of a miserably stressed out week?  Eat, of course.  But last night,  I didn’t feel like setting foot outside the house, but still….wanted something a little unique, something I couldn’t throw together myself.  So I sent my husband off to Alligator Soul in quest of their Sauteed Squash Blossoms!  Turned out that the prior week’s storms had damaged or destroyed most of the blossoms, but Chef Chris came to the rescue replacing them with julienned squash. We shared a giant plate of these….. bliss!

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Chef Chris DiNello on WTOC

Flipped on WTOC’s Mid-Morning Live Show this morning to see none other than one of my all-time favorite chefs (in Savannah or anywhere), Chef Chris DiNello of Alligator Soul.   DiNello was promoting the “Gourmet Soiree,” annual fund raiser of  The American Red Cross at the Marriott Riverfront, Thursday, May 12, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  Plenty of fine chefs from Savannah’s finest restaurants will be on hand, so get ready for a great time!  For reservations, email: or call 651-5309.   Tickets are $125/person; Early Bird Specials $85/person.

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A new delight at Alligator Soul

At Alligator Soul, where the food is always the finest, the atmoshere gorgeous, the owner, Maureen Craig,  and chef Chris Dinello friendly and thoughtful, and the service top notch, there is always something new for the comfort of their patrons.                                                               Now, they’ve launched a Mini Menu, for those of us who are feeling the pinch (ouch! who isn’t?) of the recession or those who simply don’t ever have big enough appetites for the voluptuous sized portions of the Soul’s entrees!                                                                                                              Seven nights a week, you can save your waistlnes and pocketbooks  by ordering from the new Mini Menu, served only in the bar and lounge area, except for Wed. nights, when you can enjoy it  in the main dining room as well.   Try it! You’ll love it!

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Wine Pairing at Alligator Soul

We’ve been hearing raves about the recent wine pairing event at Alligator Soul!  Keep in mind, though, that you needn’t attend a wine pairing event to get Chef Chris Dinello’s expert advice on what wine is best with which of his superb dishes. Chef Chris and his knowledgeable and always helpful servers will give you a nice choice of wines best suited to the dish and to your taste.  

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