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Tonight: Green Drinks at Sparetime

For all who champion sustainability, conviviality and cocktails, Green Drinks is the place to be on the second Tuesday of each month.  This time, it’s at Sparetime, recently opened restaurant/bar which looks like its heading toward becoming one of downtown’s most popular hangouts. Head on over from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Sparetime is at 36 MLK, corner of Congress.


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Ribbon Cutting for Joe’s Homemade Cafe Apirl 24th

Sample some of what the latest restaurant on the Savannah scene has to offer!  Tasty bites, door prizes, and great networking!  Call 509-4922 to RSVP.  Tuesday, April 24th from 5:30-7pm, Joe’s Homemade Cafe Catering and Bakery, 5515 Waters Ave, just north of Derenne.

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Maxwell’s: Shining Bright with Promise

Maxwell’s, at 109 Jefferson, opened just a few week’s ago, and looks like it just might be the newest and best of small-plate restaurants in downtown.  We already had dinner plans when we stopped in, so couldn’t sample much, but did try the Buffalo Mozzarella Bruschetta, which proved itself immediately with that always luscious buffalo Mozzarella, fresh tomato, fresh basil chiffonade on crostinis with olive tapenade and a sweet balsamic drizzle.  The day’s specials posted were for lamb chops or one of two kind of scallops, each around $17.  Among the enticing plates on the menu are a salad of roasted beets and braised fennel served over arugula with goat cheese and a honey champagne vinaigrette….. That will definitely be my next taste at his place!  A menu as delectable as this, a chef from Garibaldi’s, a good downtown location should add up to a Must Go new hot spot!   

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Celebrate Leap Day with cSpot

This month’s shenanigans will take place at Maxwell’s, 109 Jefferson St, Feb. 29th from 5:30-7:30pm.  It’s a great opportunity to network with other creatives in Savannah and of course enjoy some good bites and drink specials.

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New Restaurant Opens!

Driving down Whitaker, I looked up and saw the sign, Flip Flop, and before reading the next word, thought immediately of politics.  Then the rest of the sign fell into place:  Flip Flop Tiki Bar and Grill.  Okay, we’re talking footwear here, not politicos.

Later, that same day, a friend brought over an appetizer from Flip Flop; chicken on a stick, a tasty morsel of chicken with chipolte lime BBQ sauce served with a spicy ranch dipping sauce.  Yummy!

Last night, my dining companion and I shared a couple of Jerk Chicken Tacos topped with chipolte lime sauce, with a Caesar Salad on the side.  The Jerk Spices were delightful.  Plump, first-rate tacos.

The menu is small, but has interesting variety, including an intriguing burger and cheesecake from FORM. 

This place boasts life, a potential winner in the ongoing restaurant stakes.

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New French Restaurant: pluses and minuses

I was excited, thrilled even, the moment I heard that a French restaurant (or French-inspired restaurant, as they call it) would be opening soon. Soon took months, but a few weeks after the opening of Brasserie 529, (529 E. Liberty St., tel: 238-0045). I sat down with the menu in hand, all smiles. Immediately a warning bell clanged. The first item on the entree menu is a Lyndy Burger. The FIRST!    I sighed. Regrouped. Pondered, and ordered.  I chose the Lobster Pot Pie. Not very French, to be sure, as lobsters as we know them simply don’t exist in France, but I adore lobster, the Sauce Americaine with truffles in which, according to the menu, the lobster was “drowning” sounded promising and the server said the pie contained a whole, delicious lobster tail!    My husband chose the Duxelles Stuffed Pork Loin. A friend had Grilled Salmon Croque Monsieur.         The servers are efficient, pleasant, friendly. The restaurant is attractive but the noise level high, apparently due to a lack of acoustical tiles. Outside is a pretty patio for outdoor dining.      Our food arrived.  The piece of lobster inside my pie was small, perhaps half of the tail of a very small lobster.  It was also overcooked. Badly overcooked. Downright rubbery. The pastry shell was flaky and tasty. The sauce and the veggies within it were delicious, although the truffles remained imperceptible.    The duxelles stuffed pork was excellent, the loin young and tender, the duxelles stuffing just right with the emphasis on the mushrooms. Vegetables were fresh and piquant, and the honey maple cream sauce truly lovely.    The Salmon Croquet Monsieur was another matter. The salmon was overcooked but my friend didn’t mind, as she like all her fish, even salmon, very, very well cooked. The béchamel sauce was excellent, as was the ham and the squash. The bread, however, was so hard it was difficult to chew.     I’ll return a few more times before I venture a review.  In the  meantime, if any of you go there, let me know your thoughts.

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The Green Truck rolls into Thomas Square neighborhood

Two of my favorite food scouts came back from lunch yesterday with broad smiles.  They’d just been to the new Greentruck Pub at 2430 Habersham (right off Maupas) where they’d gobbled “GREAT!” burgers with hand fashioned fries and homemade ketchup and homemade pickles.  I perused the menu they brought…. and believe me, I’ll be there soon.  It’s all salads, sandwiches, burgers of every persuasion, soups, and such and sounds downright delicious.  And yes, there really is a green truck parked outside .

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Cuban Cuisine Shines on Whitaker

Despite our economic quagmire, a flock of ethnic or otherwise niche-filling new eateries blossomed in the downtown area in recent months. Most are moderately priced, serving moderately good food.

Carlito’s Cuban Cabana (Whitaker just North of Broughton) shines like the brightest star in a cloudy firmament. Their authentic Cuban cuisine is delicious and affordable, with lavish portions.

For instance, fried pork chunks (Masas de Cerdo Fritas) might sound, to the uninitiated, like a pretty prosaic dish.  Fasten your seatbelts!   This is one of the great pork dishes of Latin cuisine.

Long-simmered chunks of pork loin, aromatic with citrus, cumin, herbs, onions and more, are lightly fried in olive oil just till crunchy and crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside.  This is good eats at its best!

Fried grouper is another outstanding Cuban specialty.  Here, a large filet is delicately fried with hardly a hint of breading. If you are a fish lover, and perhaps even if you’re not, this hefty portion of fresh from the sea fish will set your taste buds to smiling.

Nearly all of Carlitos’ entrées come with black beans, rice (white or yellow), and sweet fried plantains.

If you simply want a sandwich, you can’t do better than Carlito’s Cuban sandwich.

Buen Provecho!

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Try Sugar Daddy’s yet? We did..

The latest food and wine bar in savannah, Sugar Daddy’s, at 109 Jefferson, may well turn out to be the latest downtown in-spot. We had our first try with the salmon salad, fresh greens, sliced almonds, ruby red grapefruit, red onions, and goat cheese tossed with citrus vinaigrette and topped with broiled  wild salmon. It was downright delish! Then we shared a slow roasted chicken Panini, and the duck confit Panini. The chicken Panini, slow roasted, pulled chicken with sun-dried tomatoes, roasted tricolor peppers and Parmesan, with apple smoked bacon pecan-pesto spread provided a delightful array of flavors from spicy sweet to musky and smokey. The duck confit was slow roasted as well, marinated with vine ripened tomatoes, sliced asparagus and finished with a shallot Bing cherry goat cheese spread on Panini. This one came with a with a small salad of the same delicious greens as in the salmon salad. Three plates ranging in price from $6-$9 proved to be an ample dinner for two.  The location is quite convenient  on a street less traveled.  This place strikes me as being a real winner.

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T-Rex Mex, a Delightful Surprise

Here at, we tend to feel obligated to try most newly opened eateries. After all, our regular readers expect us to keep you up on the latest nibbling news, even if it’s just another ho-hum tex-mex spot. This one, at 217 W  Broughton St., is at least a great downtown location. Well. It was love at first bite! Only a distant cousin to tex mex, and definitely not Mexican, it’s, well, T-Rex, I guess. The pork taco—soft tortilla style—proved to be a large quantity of delicious pulled pork with shredded romaine, fresh-made salsa and jack cheese. The brisket burrito was moist and tender brisket of beef rolled in a honey wheat tortilla with diced roasted poatoes, both black and pinto beans, jack cheese and fresh salsa. And there’s lots more to the menu, which we’ll dive into soon again. Most intriguing: a jerk chicken burrito, a tilapia burrito, plenty of salads and tofu dishes…and more. Try it, you’ll like it!

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