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A succulent start to a great weekend!

July 1st, 5 to 8 pm, at FORM !     Welcome to Summer Tasting  (1801 Habersham)

Hors D’oeuvres and lots of grilled foods and 8+ wines to taste to celebrate Summertime.  What more could anyone want?  How about this?

Ping Pong Tournament with prizes:
1st Place-Dinner for 1 person to one of our $60 dinners…..($12 gratuity excluded) 
2nd Place-$20 Gift Certificate to FORM
3rd Place-$10 Gift Certificate toFORM
all for:
$35 per person plus tax and tip
$10 for children under 12
15% off all wines purchased that day
Ping pong, Hors D’ouevres, and BBQ what more can you ask for?
Bring you family and enjoy everything we have to offer.
Please call 912.236.7642 to RSVP

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Extended Hours at B. Matthew’s Eatery

On Sunday, July 3rd, B. Matthew’s will have extended hours so you can have dinner and then walk right across the road to see the fireworks!  They’ll be open for brunch from 9am-3pm and will reopen for dinner from 5-9pm.  Walk ins are welcome but reservations will also be accepted.

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Win Free Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at B. Matthews Eatery

The next time you make your way over to B. Matthew’s, be sure to participate in there business card drop.  Drawings are held weekly, with the next drawing on June 27th.

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A short vacation, then a cornucopia of delights from Papillote!

Ann Marie and Chef Herve (owners of Papillote) closed up shop to spend 10 days in Key West. Their return brought an abundance of wonderful new specials.  A Salade Nicoise (tuna, poached egg, lettuce, tomato, potatoes, anchovies, olives, haricot vert, and green peppers), authentic down to the last haricot vert!  Downright scrumptious! Soft shell crabs were n the menu too, as well as the piece de resistance, Baked Brie Vol-au-Vent (Brie in a puff pastry shell, topped with an arugula, fennel, and sliced orange salad, with a honey and raspberry vinaigrette) !  My fervent hope is that this sublime dish goes on the regular menu soon and forever.

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Solar Social at Sol

“Solar Conversation”  Tuesday, June 21, 6 pm to 7 pm, at our favorite meeting spot, SOL, (after all it’s named for the sun!).  Don’t miss this one — good  drinks, good munchies, and BIG NEWS!  1611 Habersham.  For more info, call Jack at 233-4288.

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Summertime…and the cookin’ is easy!

To me, the hot days and sultry nights of summer mean a craving for fish.  Lots of people share my longing for fish – light and bright and healthy – during the summer months, but many fear to cook it.  “I never cook fish,” is a phrase I hear all the time.  “It’s too dicey, too difficult, you never know when you’ve got it right.”

 That used to be me as well, but a couple of years ago, I hit on a formula that will cook absolutely ANY fish filet to perfection and simultaneously allow you to cook your entire meal.

IN A NUTSHELL:  Season, then bake, broil or grill fish filets for 10 minutes per inch. Eat! They’ll be perfect!
Here are the details on my favorite way to do them.
Take your filets (figure about ½ lb. per person) and lay them out on a broiler pan that you’ve sprayed with oil just to make cleaning easier. You’re going to bake them—the broiler pan is just so they have a little breathing space beneath.
Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees.
In a small bowl (I use a custard cup) melt a pat or two of butter and a tbsp. of olive oil just till soft and blended. Add a dash of garlic salt, a couple dashes of coarse ground pepper and about a tsp. of minced herbs (dill or thyme are my favorites but anything you like is fine.) Brush your fish with a generous amount of this mixture. Check to see how thick the filets are. You’re going to cook them for 10 minutes per inch of thickness.  Let them sit while you do the rest of your dinner.
Lay out on a baking pan some vegetables (broccoli or asparagus are ideal), spray with olive oil, then salt & pepper. Lay out another pan of chunks of potatoes, spray and season as the veggies.
Put both the trays of veggies on the bottom shelf of your oven and cook for 10 minutes.  Then add the tray of fish on the top shelf and cook
for the required 10 minutes per inch.  Fish and vegetables will be done  simultaneously.  
Lay your fish in the center of a large serving plate, surrounded by veggies and potatoes, and accompanied by a bottle of your favorite wine.
Happy summer!

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Time to Try the Drink of the Gods!

“Friends don’t let friends drink hot sake,” at least according to TY KU, maker of Sake and other healthy spirits. 
According to these folks, the habit of heating sake developed in order to mask the flavor of inexpensive, low-quality sakes.  Admittedly, on a bitter cold winter night, I’m quite fond of a mug of hot Sake, but winter is out of sight and mind right now.
TY KU Sake Silver, said to be in the top 15 percent of the world’s sakes, is the perfect summer spirit  over ice or shaken into a cocktail.
Sake is by far the oldest spirit, first brewed in China in 4800 BC. In Japan, the drink was consumed for spiritual reasons, because, according to written history, people who drink it get a fever, thus achieving a “spiritual high.” Thus, it came to be known as “The Drink of the Gods.” 
So on the next blazing hot and humid evening (like tonight perhaps?), let’s all pour some good Sake into our prettiest glass over the rocks, lean back and enjoy! 

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1704Lincoln: Champagne Closing Reception

If you missed the opening reception for the Cain, Powers, Sandoz show at 1704Lincoln, stop by for the champagne closing reception, June 23rd, 5-7pm.

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Kicklighter’s Annual Boston Butt & Rib Sale

Just in time for your July 4th festivities, Kicklighter Academy will be selling smoked Boston Butts and Ribs.  Only $20 a piece, and all of the proceeds benefit the Kicklighter Resource Center which helps children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.  Pre-order up until June 24th, pick them up on July 1st.  If you order 10 or more, they will deliver them to you!  Call 912-355-7633 to place your order.

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Green Drinks with a Cubano Flair

Anyone that is interested in a greener Savannah is encouraged to attend this free networking social.  This month’s event will be held on Tuesday, June 14th at Rancho Alegre Cuban Restaurant, 402 MLK Jr. Blbd., from 5:30-7:30pm.  A cocktail buffet and happy hour drink specials will be provided.

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