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A Marvelous Cold Summer Soup

On a blazing hot Savannah summer’s day, nothing can beat a really good ice-cold summer soup.  I didn’t want to make one—my kitchen is running at temperatures hovering in the 100’s since the a/c system is currently non-functional and the repairmen are baffled.   And I couldn’t find a single cold soup anywhere in Savannah except for one gazpacho where they overload it with blazing hot jalapenos.  Then I thought of one of my favorite wintertime soups—Papillote’s Butternut Squash. What if I chilled it, I wondered.  I gave it a try.  After a few hours’ of refrigeration, I added a couple of ice cubes and sat down to eat.  This was pure summertime bliss!  Their slightly sweet, subtly spicey butternut flavor takes to chilling like it was a heaven-sent idea. It is perfect!

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Time to Try the Drink of the Gods!

“Friends don’t let friends drink hot sake,” at least according to TY KU, maker of Sake and other healthy spirits. 
According to these folks, the habit of heating sake developed in order to mask the flavor of inexpensive, low-quality sakes.  Admittedly, on a bitter cold winter night, I’m quite fond of a mug of hot Sake, but winter is out of sight and mind right now.
TY KU Sake Silver, said to be in the top 15 percent of the world’s sakes, is the perfect summer spirit  over ice or shaken into a cocktail.
Sake is by far the oldest spirit, first brewed in China in 4800 BC. In Japan, the drink was consumed for spiritual reasons, because, according to written history, people who drink it get a fever, thus achieving a “spiritual high.” Thus, it came to be known as “The Drink of the Gods.” 
So on the next blazing hot and humid evening (like tonight perhaps?), let’s all pour some good Sake into our prettiest glass over the rocks, lean back and enjoy! 

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