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Updated Dining Review

For a new look at an old favorite, see our latest restaurant review of  Alligator Soul.

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Cuban Cuisine Shines on Whitaker

Despite our economic quagmire, a flock of ethnic or otherwise niche-filling new eateries blossomed in the downtown area in recent months. Most are moderately priced, serving moderately good food.

Carlito’s Cuban Cabana (Whitaker just North of Broughton) shines like the brightest star in a cloudy firmament. Their authentic Cuban cuisine is delicious and affordable, with lavish portions.

For instance, fried pork chunks (Masas de Cerdo Fritas) might sound, to the uninitiated, like a pretty prosaic dish.  Fasten your seatbelts!   This is one of the great pork dishes of Latin cuisine.

Long-simmered chunks of pork loin, aromatic with citrus, cumin, herbs, onions and more, are lightly fried in olive oil just till crunchy and crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside.  This is good eats at its best!

Fried grouper is another outstanding Cuban specialty.  Here, a large filet is delicately fried with hardly a hint of breading. If you are a fish lover, and perhaps even if you’re not, this hefty portion of fresh from the sea fish will set your taste buds to smiling.

Nearly all of Carlitos’ entrées come with black beans, rice (white or yellow), and sweet fried plantains.

If you simply want a sandwich, you can’t do better than Carlito’s Cuban sandwich.

Buen Provecho!

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Good News for fans of Local 11 Ten

Beginning April 25th, Local 11 Ten will open it’s doors on Sundays!  They will be open from 6-10pm.

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Greek Night!

Don’t miss it! Tonight’s Greek Night at the brand-new old Crystal Beer Parlor.  Avgolimono Soup, Pasticcio.  Spanokopita, and lots and lots more.  If it’s as good as we hope (and it should be– the owners are Greek brothers), tonight promises a little bit of heaven for those of us who love Greek vittles. Lets hope they have Retsina, too!

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The Resurrection of the Old Crystal Beer Parlor

 The enlarged bar is beautiful and inviting! But beware if you’re much under 5 ft. 5  inches tall….the bar stools can be a bit uncomfortable. The renovations add an airy and lighter feel, all welcome. As to the food, let’s say they’re suffering some growing pains… The famous “Crystal Burger” is passable. Might have been better if cooked medium rare as ordered, but it came well done and dry; onion rings were delicious! Big, fat slices of onion, not overly battered –but a bit too salty. Bowl of chili was excellent. I’d have liked a bit more heat, but probably perfect for lots of folks. The so-called “Greek taco” supposedly a gyro in a pita shell, is neither Greek nor…? Pretty tasteless filling in a soggy shell. Hand cut fries were limpid. But the beer and ale selection is terrific! We’ll give the place another try after a coupe more months.

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Hendry Wine Dinner at EOS

Don’t miss the Hendry Wine Dinner at EOS, November 3, at 6:30pm.  This is a reservations only event that will feature several wines paired with incredible dishes created by Josh Pitts.  Winery owner Susan Ridley will be on hand to introduce you to a variety of wines. $65 per person.  1801 Habersham St., 238-2400.

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North Beach Grill?

We just received the following note from a reader:
I was wondering if you had heard anything about the status of the North
Beach Grill. I was out at Tybee yesterday, and it was closed with the phone
number disconnected, yet the tables and unbrellas were still on the outside
patio. I’d appreciate any news you might know about it. It’s a summer
favorite, and I hope that its closure yesterday wasn’t permanent. By the way, I love the Savannah Dining Tidbits blog! It’s always great when a new post shows up in my Google Reader!

Thanks very much!

If anyone knows anything about the North Beach Grill, please let us know!

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It’s Official…

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is coming to Savannah!  We’d heard the rumors, but I just got off the phone with their corporate office, and they are indeed set to open in August of 2008!  Finally, a true steakhouse in our area.  Ruth’s Chris will be opening in the old Savannah Morning News building, near the newly renovated Ellis Square.  They will also have some outdoor dining space.  (4 months and counting…)

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Harris Baking Co.

A truly happening little place is Harris Baking Co. from Savannah’s famous Frank Harris restauranteur family. It’s located on Drayton @ Liberty Street (ground level of the vintage Drayton Towers Apartments, now being renovated for retail and elegant condominiums.) From first impressions, I’d say that “poud to showcase Savannah,” “ultra fresh” and “imaginative” are the bywords, that must also include consistent, friendly, nostalgic and affordable. Think “Regency Salad,” revived from the Downtowner Restaurant, “Chocolate Chewies” of Gottlieb’s and the brownie merigue category of indulgences, savory tarts and fresh soups. A definite southern comfort foods’ “good feeling” place. Today they offered a batch of “gourmet dog snacks” to test the appeal. I forget to get a few for Bob Boxer. I’ll be back!

Thanks for your tidbit Sandy…we’ll have to check that out…keep them coming!

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