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Christmas wishes from Alligator Soul

Maureen Craig, owner of Alligator Soul, and Chris DiNello, executive chef an co-owner, threw another of their marvelous Christmas parties for friends and family. Not only were the food and wines lavish, but the good wishes of the owners were equally genuine and equally lavish. Here, all of us at, are grateful to them for helping to put Savannah on the culinary destination map! And for bringing contented smiles to the faces of so many of our readers who loves them as much as we do!

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A new delight at Alligator Soul

At Alligator Soul, where the food is always the finest, the atmoshere gorgeous, the owner, Maureen Craig,  and chef Chris Dinello friendly and thoughtful, and the service top notch, there is always something new for the comfort of their patrons.                                                               Now, they’ve launched a Mini Menu, for those of us who are feeling the pinch (ouch! who isn’t?) of the recession or those who simply don’t ever have big enough appetites for the voluptuous sized portions of the Soul’s entrees!                                                                                                              Seven nights a week, you can save your waistlnes and pocketbooks  by ordering from the new Mini Menu, served only in the bar and lounge area, except for Wed. nights, when you can enjoy it  in the main dining room as well.   Try it! You’ll love it!

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New, ever more affordable bar menu

Ever sensitive to the problems of others, Maureen Craig and Chris Dinello, owner and chef of Alligator Soul are now providing a new, even more economy-friendly menu,  served in the bar and lounge every evening. With dishes like Beef Roulade,  Shrimp and Grits,  and Seared Tuna, among a dozen delectable dishes,  patrons enjoy the same fine cuisine as that served in the main dining room, but at far lower prices,  ranging from $9 to $12. This is truly a sensational deal at one of Savannah’s finest restaurants! We say, don’t miss this!

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Prix-Fixe Dining at Alligator Soul

Always sensitive to the needs of her customers, Maureen Craig, owner of Alligator Soul, is now offering fixed price dinners Sunday through Thursday for those folks feeling pinched by the economic downturn. For only $35 per person, you get your choice of at least three appetizers, entrees, and desserts, plus a glass of wine, beer or soft drink. This sounds to us like a deal not to be missed at one of Savannah’s finest eateries!

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Alligator Soul’s Maureen Craig

Maureen Craig, owner of Alligator Soul and among Savannah’s most gracious, generous and kind restaurantures, threw a party for friends and associates to “get us all out of our economic doldrums” at least for an evening. Fine food, lovely wines and great company did just that for a huge crowd. Kudos to Craig and to  Chef Chris Dinello!

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Fine Dining on a Budget at Alligator Soul

For those suffering from the economic crunch (who isn’t ? ), but still longing for a fine meal, the ever thoughtful Maureen Craig, owner of Alligator Soul is now offering  a Pre Fixe menu Sunday through Thursday. Menu changes regularly, but it’s a great buy for those who simply want a lighter meal, but sill enjoy having an appetizer and a dessert, all at budget price of $35.00 including a glass of wine, beer or soft drink. By popular request, Alligator Soul recently began opening on Sundays from 4:30 pm till 9-ish.  Don’t miss this steal of a deal!

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Dining In while Dining Out…

Ever wonder about the inner workings of the kitchen of a fine dining restaurant? How on earth do they get all those luscious dishes out all at once? Now, one of Savannah’s finest, Alligator Soul, offers an inside look at kitchen orchestration.

Diners can have a table right in the kitchen, where they can either order from the menu or the chef will prepare a five to seven course tasting with or without wine pairing, especially for them. Table seats a maximum of four people. Reservations are required. Call either owner, Maureen Craig or the kitchen to reserve your table. Restaurant number: 232-7899; kitchen: 232-8683.

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