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Viva La France! Papillote is Open

It’s been months now since we first heard that a French take-out restaurant, Papillote, was going to open n West Broughton St.  And we’ve been cruising by the address at 218 W. Broughton off and on ever since. Finally,  they are open! I haven’t been there yet, but spoke briefly with Chef and co-owner, Herve Didailler,  who comes from Brittany,  in the northeast area of France, an area especially noted for its fine shell fish and superb pastries! For those of us longing for traditional French food, this sounds like THE place! The menu changes every day,  he said,  according to what’s in season and  “what I feel like cooking,”  but it is all traditional French cuisine. The day of our conversation he had,  among other things, a Bouchee with chicken, mushrooms and caramelized onions, a quiche with salmon and asparagus, a couple of tartines, and a mouth-watering array of tarts and other pastries. We’ll be there to check it out one day this week, and will report back!

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