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Steaming Hot Drinks for Freezing Cold Nights

As the hour approaches cocktail time, temperatures plunge in freefall. No need to shiver as the martini glass touches your lips….fix yourselves a Bull Shot instead!  A tall coffee mug does the trick in the microwave. Fill abut ¾ with good quality beef broth and heat just till nearing a boil. Add about 3 shakes Tabasco, 4 or 5 shakes Worcestershire, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and an ounce or so of vodka.

Or…. In the same kind of mug, fill ¾ up with Bloody Mary Mix. Heat to boil. Add squeeze of lemon, then vodka.  And drink your Fiery Maria! Happy holidaysfrom SavannahBest!

With either one, you’ll be contentedly warm in a minute. Happy Holidays!

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