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Brunch at Eos

Just stopped by to sample the new brunch menu at Eos, and it appears that this little eatery is already living up to its name, Eos, which means Goddess of the New Dawn. i tried, appropriately enough, the The New Dawn, two eggs, sunny-side up (or however you prefer them) with sauteed mushrooms over spinach and pan-roasted tomatoes, all served with sourdough toast and homefries or grits. The whole works–eggs, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and maybe best of all, that superb sour dough toast, was fit for, well, a Goddess.

My companion tucked into the salmon BLT. Beautifully grilled salmon  served atop a lovely fresh croissant, with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a delectable side salad, all with a beautifully aromatic aioli sauce.  Couldn’t be better, he prounced it.  

Later in the week, I’ll be doing a detailed review for of both the brunch and dinner menus of this delightful eatery, but meantime, I say it’s a winner!  Oh yes, took my beloved dog, Athena along. The owners provide dog bisquits and are definitely doggie-friendly.  

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