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‘Tis the Season…for Soft Shelled Crabs

When the season for shad with its glorious roe comes to an end, I always feel a touch of melancholy.
But just as the fading flowers of Spring begin to drift out of sight for another year, so the big bold colors of summer start to shimmer in the sunlight.
All endings bring on new beginnings, I guess. And so the departure of Shad and Roe heralds the arrival of Soft Shelled Crab.
This delightful delicacy is a favorite around much of the world. We in the South are especially lucky, since the finest of these crustaceans, always blue crabs, come from Maryland, which is considered the best, and the Carolinas, close runners-up.
Personally, I think that the quality of the crab is far ore important than it’s state of origin. The very best you can get are live crabs, although fresh ones can be excellent too. Once they’ve been frozen, they can be good, but they never reach the culinary heights of the other two. One thing to note: if the legs look papery it means that they’ve gone past their prime eating quality. Pass them up!

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‘Tis The Season…at Papillote!

Soft Shelled Crabs come but one season a year, and the time is now!   Especially at Papillote, where they’re at their delicate, pan-fried best!  Don’t miss them, Fridays and Saturdays!

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Lobster Risotto

The featured dish  right now at The New South Cafe is lobster risotto.  To this foodie at least, this dish is among the top dishes of all time.  The others being a freshly steamed lobster straight off the Maine Coast, soft shelled crabs, and a really great steak. That coffee crusted steak of The New South Cafe’s is definitely among those great steaks, too!  Don’t miss these….

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