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Shad is Here Again!

When it comes to food, this is without question, my favorite time of the year.  From around the middle of February (despite the last couple of years when it arrived much sooner) till about the middle of April, the shad are running.  With them, of course, is their world-renowned roe.  Shad itself is often, sadly, ignored in much of the world because it is so filled with tiny bones it is almost impossible to filet and de-bone this fish. But here in Savannah, we are enormously lucky, because we have Russo’s, where the art of de-boning shad has been passed on from father to son for years.  So all we have to do is go to Russo’s and buy this delectable catch, take it home, cook it and eat it!    For more about shad and some recipes to use, just click here. 

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The Shad are running! Don’t miss them!

Lots of us think that shad is the finest white freshwater fish anywhere.   Add its luscious, sumptuous roe, and you’ve got the best fish dinner you could ever eat!  Best of all, they’re available here in Savannah at Russo’s.  It’s a short season, they’re quick to cook,  so get crackin’ and enjoy.  You’ll find a couple of super-simple recipes at .

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