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Dreaming of all things Jewish…to eat, that is!

I cannot say that Jewish food is near the top of my “favorite foods” list. It is down quite a way, in fact. But like so many of us, put something out of reach, and I want it!  And good Jewish eats unreachable much of the year in Savannah. A really good corned beef sandwich is hard to come by; a good patrami even more out of reach. And tongue?  You’ll only get it once a year, in one place, and that is at the Shalom Y’All food festival in Forsyth Park, this Sunday, Oct. 28.  Really good chopped liver is another rarity, and it is here aplenty!  What is missing, though, even here, is the schmaltz to go with it!  Surely, someone among the many cooks for this festival must have a grandmother who knows how to make schmaltz, which used to be served atop or alongside chopped liver, always!  That lovely, creamy, gooey blob of yellow makes chopped liver into something special, not just some chicken livers ground up.  I wish I knew how to make it, but I don’t. All I know is that it is rendered chicken fat, which adds moisture to a basically rather dry dish and turns it into heaven.  But you can achieve something similar by adding some softened butter, which I do.  Not exactly Kosher, but it sure is good!  Anyway, go and enjoy!   Ess gesunt!

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