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A Summertime Sandwich for a perfect Picnic

“There are only three things worth spending serious money on:  Scotch, mustard and cheese.”   Sandi, the all-time hostess with the mostest, repeated these words frequently on Sunday afternoons on her small Savannah kitchen terrace. Usually, the subject came up when she served what she called “a Summer Sandwich for a perfect picnic.” Usually, there were also coleslaw and potato salad and chips and some iced tea and Sangria.  The star was Sandi’s sandwich. The ingredients were simple:  thin-sliced breast of turkey from the Deli, fine, imported Dijon mustard, cherry preserves and thinly sliced Camembert cheese. And, of course, top quality Italian bread. She would make the sandwiches an hour & a half or more in advance and wrap them very tightly in aluminum foil. The cheese would melt just enough to moisten the Sandwich and all the flavors would marry..

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