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Wild White Georgia Shrimp equals Good Eats

If there’s anything better to eat than Wild White Georgia Shrimp, it is more of the same. And when prepared at Cha Bella, 102 E. Broad St/. with their own lovely risotto, it is even better!  The other night, I had a lavish plate of this lovely dish. The risotto is made with several local vegetables mixed in, including bites of the sweetest, best sweet potato I’ve had in a long, long time, plus some spinach on the side.  Since Cha Bella is all local, all organic, the menu changes frequently. Better get on over there while it’s still on the menu and indulge in this. You’ll never regret it.


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Alligator Soul Goes Totally Organic

More than nine years ago, I was sitting at the bar, chatting with the late Hilary Craig, founding chef and with his wife, Maureen, owner of Alligator Soul. I thought this restaurant was fabulous and just what Savannah needed, and told him so. He told me his plans for the future. He was already a big advocate of Farm to Table, but it was difficult, then, to find much in the way of locally produced foods. “But where it’s available,” he said, “i always prefer to buy locally.: He went on to say that he hoped one day that most of his ingredients would be organic. “They taste better, they’re healthier, and they are better for the environment. Today, Hilary must be smiling down at the place he built and the chef, Chris DeLillo who he hand-picked and trained to be his successor. For Chef Chris has now fulfilled that dream of Hilary’s: the restaurant has become completely organic, much of the produce, meats, fish and dairy products are locally produced. And very soon, says Maureen Craig, who now co-owns the  place with Chris DiNello, “even our wines and liquors will be organic.”

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Feb. cSpot at Cha Bella

Tonight’s the night for The cSpot at 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Cha Bella. And if you’re wondering what The cSpot is,  it’s “the creative spot” for folks who are creative,  and like  to have fun over cocktails.  Tonight,  Cha Bella promises some tasty organic goodies and maybe a few drink specials.  Go and enjoy!

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A Carry Out Cafe with Pizzaz!

For those of us who often don’t want to cook, but still want to dine at home, now there is THRIVE! Opened not long ago by Wendy Armstrong and Sarah Dudys, and specializing in sustainable, organic, gourmet dishes, Thrive has delicious sounding dishes for each of six days a week (Mon. through Sat.), plus daily specials. We sampled the Five-Cheese Portobello Mushroom and a superb Vegetable Lasagna. Gave that Lasagna a try despite the fact that to me, the dish requires meat, not veggies! It was moist, luscious with beautifully cooked veggies and topped with a perfect bechamel! Looking forward to the Blanquette de Veau served every Saturday evening! Located on Whitmarsh Island. Call 898-2131. Bon appetit!

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