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Pino Venetico Waves His Wand

Pino Venetico waved his magic wand and almost overnight transformed an old favorite into what he clearly hopes will soon be a new favorite. It was sad to walk into the new Broughton & Bull, where for most of the 15 years I’ve lived in Savannah, I’ve spent so many lovely hours over cocktails or food or both at Il Pasticcio. But times change and restaurants change. A couple of weeks ago, sans fanfare or warning Il Pasticcio morphed into Broughton & Bull. Two of us stopped in for a quick sample of the new fare. I had the appetizer, frogs legs, served with a light chili pepper sauce and a hint of Gorgonzola. The legs appeared to come from a super sized bullfrog. Delicious, and the three of these guys were plenty for an entrée! My companion tucked into the big 9 oz. crab cake served with roasted corn salsa and some fresh baby asparagus. That, too, was a big bold portion, and excellent. Overall, the menu seems to be New South, with some Italian and French flair. Definitely promising.

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Chef Matt Cohen joins the board for the Savannah Chapter of the Red Cross

Chef Matt Cohen, owner of the New South Pub & Catering at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum has just joined the board for the Savannah Chapter of the Red Cross.  Chef Matt is a big supporter of local charities, and his eats don’t disappoint.  We’ve yet to make it to the new pub, but we sure miss the old New South Cafe.   Do leave us a comment if you’ve tried the new Pub.  We’d love to hear your feedback!

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