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More restaurant closings….always sad news

Two excellent restaurants have closed in the last couple of weeks, both of them terrific spots of very different kinds…..La Vostra Cucina, deliciously Italian, and 606 East, of the best meatloaf sandwich I’ve ever eaten, both succumbed to the economy and closed their doors.  It’s a tough world out there for any small business owner, and toughest of all, I believe, for restaurant owners.

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A New Metamorphosis for Pino Venetico

A dozen or so years ago, Pino Venetico opened Il Pasticcio at the corner of Broughton & Bull and turned it into one of the most acclaimed Italian restaurants in Georgia, and some said, the entire Southeast.  But then the recession came, the restaurant business in general suffered, and a young newcomer showed up on  the scene who offered even more authentic Italian fare, and kept his prices lower. Il Pasticcio suffered.
So Venetico turned it into a more general, American style eatery called Broughton & Bull.  This one was very good too, but just never quite caught on. 
Now comes La Vostra Cucina (roughly translated as Your Kitchen), promising new Italian pleasures and adventures.  Launch date scheduled for June 1.   Check out their website at  We’ll keep you posted! 

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