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SCAD International Festival Offers Global Munching

Along with music, fashion, dance and art, SCAD’s International Festival features  plenty of  international tastes.  Dishes from Morocco, Mexico, the Middle East and several of Asian countries are among the tasty delicacies of the day, offered at affordable prices.  11 am to 3 pm, on Broughton St., between Lincoln and Abercorn.   Saturday, April 2.

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The NEW Sol….a fusion of delights

When new owner, Andrea Johnson, took over Sol a few months ago, she did so with little fanfare and few changes. She watched; listened to her clientele, tweak the menu a bit and added a special here and there.  But this past Tuesday, she brought out a new menu, plus a new name for the newly morphed Sol, which is now Sol Fusion.  And a fusion it is! From the original Southwest-Caribbean fare to today’s international tastes. In hands less skillful than chef Aaron Doyle’s, this combination could result in a global hash. But Doyle knows his herbs, his spices and his flavors, elevating them into a culinary symphony.  And Johnson clearly knows her business. She’s shrunk portions a bit, and lowered prices. Perfect for the many of us small eaters. On Tuesday night, my dining companion and I tucked into the new menu with an appetizer of jalapeno poppers, an order of pulled pork, and one of the short ribs. It was one of the few times I’ve by-passed Sol’s always-fabulous fish choices. But they’ve added lots of meat dishes and these proved amazingly delicious. The pulled pork over a Gouda and jalapeno polenta was tender, spicy and with an unidentifiable sweetness in the sauce.  This is something I could eat very, very often. The short ribs, also butter-tender, nearly sent me swooning over the aromatic blend of ribs, roasted, curried fingerling potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and baby greens, among other ingredients.  I’ve eaten short ribs all over this country and throughout Europe, and I’ve never had any better than this! The menu is extensive, so it’ll take me awhile, but I’ll no doubt work my way through every new dish.

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