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Alligator Soul Inspires A Rarity

Last week I received something quite amazing. It was a letter. Not an email, but a letter, handwritten on high quality onogrammed¬†stationery, sent through the USPS, otherwise known as snail mail. This lovely missive came from a cousin in San Francisco who had visited Savannah several weeks earlier.¬† On her last night here, she had told me she wanted to take my husband and me out to dinner and she wanted to go to our favorite restaurant.¬† So we went to Alligator Soul. I don’t recall exactly what any of us had. Probably I had my favorite Shrimp and Grits, and I’m sure we all would have had their really spectacular House Salad with the luscious parmesan croutons. Whatever the case, apparently Alligator Soul really made an impression on my cousin, inspiring the letter. What’s more, she said she thought it was the best restaurant she had ever been to in her life in the United States. And this woman has lived for the last 30 some years in San Francisco, a city noted for its fine restaurants.

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