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Farewell to Geneva Geneva’s

As some of you may already have discovered, Geneva Geneva’s closed a few weeks ago.  Sad news for those of us who loved her food, especially that great cornbread and fried chicken!  But we’re betting that Geneva will rise again!

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For a Culinary Hug, head to Geneva’s

When it comes to comfort food, and even better, a complete comfort dinner, you cannot beat Geneva Geneva’s. Since Geneva’s does not offer beer or wine, and I cannot think about fried chicken without a beer, we always pick it up and bring it home. And it’s almost always the same meal: Fried chicken, corn bread, greens, and squash casserole. If you want genuine Southern comfort food, I don’t think you can do better. And nobody does it better than Geneva Geneva’s. The cornbread, light, airy, and fluffy, is slightly sweetened and simply sublime. The fried chicken, deliciously seasoned has crisp skin, tender meat, and barely a hint of battering. The greens, tender but never soggy, and the squash casserole, a rich butternut squash, lightly seasoned and never overcooked, make for legendary sides. If you’re looking for a culinary hug, head for Geneva Geneva’s on Bee Road. Indulge!

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