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Is Your Sauce Worth A Million Bucks?

If so, have a try at Dave’s Gourmet Recipe Challenge. You could win up to a $1 million in royalties.  Send your sauce, salsa, dip or spread to Dave’s Gourmet early enough that it arrives by Dec. 31, 2011, and you could win!

Rules:  You must warrant that this is your recipe and yours alone.

             Recipes will be judged in five categories:  taste, appearance, creativity, consumer appeal and the recipe’s ability to be mass-produced (that is, if one of the ingredients is hand-cut bay leaves from a tree that grows only in the southernmost tip of Italy, it probably would be too difficult to manufacture.

              The sauce will be produced for Dave’s Gourmet’s retailers and may have the winner’s name right on the label.

               Winner will receive royalties for 6 years, up to $1 million. 

            All chefs, amateur or professional, are free to enter.

            For entry form, and complete details, go to

            And good luck!  If you win, please let us know!



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Georgia Caviar

We got an excited phone  call at SavannahBest this morning from a woman who’d spotted “Georgia Caviar” on the menu of a restaurant we’ve mentioned.  She wanted to know where she could find some, what kind of fish it came from, etc.  So, for all you folks who are relatively new to these Southern states,  Georgia Caviar is a dip made from black eyed peas, chopped jalapenos, and a variety of spicey spices.  Sad to say, it’s not the eggs of some exotic fish swimming about in Southern waters.  Wish it were!

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