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Free Wine with Dinner tomorrow evening

B. Matthews Eatery always has great food and some of Savannah’s best specials. Tomorrow evening  (4 pm to 9 pm), Feb. 17,  they’re offering a free bottle of their house wine with the order of dinner for two (that does mean two entrees). Just be sure to mention this post from their email.  For more info, call 233-1319.  Enjoy!

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Cuban Cuisine Shines on Whitaker

Despite our economic quagmire, a flock of ethnic or otherwise niche-filling new eateries blossomed in the downtown area in recent months. Most are moderately priced, serving moderately good food.

Carlito’s Cuban Cabana (Whitaker just North of Broughton) shines like the brightest star in a cloudy firmament. Their authentic Cuban cuisine is delicious and affordable, with lavish portions.

For instance, fried pork chunks (Masas de Cerdo Fritas) might sound, to the uninitiated, like a pretty prosaic dish.  Fasten your seatbelts!   This is one of the great pork dishes of Latin cuisine.

Long-simmered chunks of pork loin, aromatic with citrus, cumin, herbs, onions and more, are lightly fried in olive oil just till crunchy and crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside.  This is good eats at its best!

Fried grouper is another outstanding Cuban specialty.  Here, a large filet is delicately fried with hardly a hint of breading. If you are a fish lover, and perhaps even if you’re not, this hefty portion of fresh from the sea fish will set your taste buds to smiling.

Nearly all of Carlitos’ entrées come with black beans, rice (white or yellow), and sweet fried plantains.

If you simply want a sandwich, you can’t do better than Carlito’s Cuban sandwich.

Buen Provecho!

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A Deliciously Frugal 10-day Culinary Binge

The first ever Savannah Restaurant Week, February 26 to March 7, offers a delightful chance to sample Savannah’s finest food in some of our loveliest restaurants. At the top of our own list is Alligator Soul, at 114 Barnard St., where renowned chef Chris DiNello will serve a three course dinner– appetizer,  main course and desert– featuring a selection of his unique and delectable dishes all for the fixed price of $30. We’d suggest making your reservations soon.  Call 232-7899. You’ll be glad you did.

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Try Sugar Daddy’s yet? We did..

The latest food and wine bar in savannah, Sugar Daddy’s, at 109 Jefferson, may well turn out to be the latest downtown in-spot. We had our first try with the salmon salad, fresh greens, sliced almonds, ruby red grapefruit, red onions, and goat cheese tossed with citrus vinaigrette and topped with broiled  wild salmon. It was downright delish! Then we shared a slow roasted chicken Panini, and the duck confit Panini. The chicken Panini, slow roasted, pulled chicken with sun-dried tomatoes, roasted tricolor peppers and Parmesan, with apple smoked bacon pecan-pesto spread provided a delightful array of flavors from spicy sweet to musky and smokey. The duck confit was slow roasted as well, marinated with vine ripened tomatoes, sliced asparagus and finished with a shallot Bing cherry goat cheese spread on Panini. This one came with a with a small salad of the same delicious greens as in the salmon salad. Three plates ranging in price from $6-$9 proved to be an ample dinner for two.  The location is quite convenient  on a street less traveled.  This place strikes me as being a real winner.

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Valentine’s Day at the Melting Pot

They’ve got some pretty sweet deals for the love birds this Valentine’s Day!  $140 per couple for the RED package, includes a rose with a vase, Big Night Out Fondue Fusion with dinner for 2 featuring your choice of special event cheese fondue & chocolate fondue and two glasses of champagne or sparkling cider.  For $200 couples can enjoy the WHITE package which includes your photograph in a keepsake frame, rose with vase, Lobster Indulgence Surf & Turf four course dinner for 2 with choice of special event cheese fondue & chocolate fondue, two glasses of champagne or sparkling cider and a bottle of wine!  Both sound like pretty good deals to us.

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Best Fried Chicken in Savannah?!

Well, we don’t know for sure, ‘cause only one of us has tried it,  but that’s the word from one of our intrepid food scouts.  And he is for sure a devotee of good  fried chicken! Especially at affordable prices. The new Kennedy Fried Chicken, at 2201 Waters Ave.,  boasts  $3.99 for two pieces of chicken, plus can of soda and dinner roll sounds good to all of us. Plus great hours!

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The Resurrection of the Old Crystal Beer Parlor

 The enlarged bar is beautiful and inviting! But beware if you’re much under 5 ft. 5  inches tall….the bar stools can be a bit uncomfortable. The renovations add an airy and lighter feel, all welcome. As to the food, let’s say they’re suffering some growing pains… The famous “Crystal Burger” is passable. Might have been better if cooked medium rare as ordered, but it came well done and dry; onion rings were delicious! Big, fat slices of onion, not overly battered –but a bit too salty. Bowl of chili was excellent. I’d have liked a bit more heat, but probably perfect for lots of folks. The so-called “Greek taco” supposedly a gyro in a pita shell, is neither Greek nor…? Pretty tasteless filling in a soggy shell. Hand cut fries were limpid. But the beer and ale selection is terrific! We’ll give the place another try after a coupe more months.

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