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Noble Fare is noble fare indeed…

We finally got a chance to visit Noble Fare and find out what all the hype was about…if you’re a fan of fine dining, you MUST read this review! 

Don’t forget to leave us some comments with your own Dining Tidbits! We’d love to hear about your experiences dining in and around Savannah… 

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Welcome to Savannah Dining Tidbits

We here at, work hard to keep Savannah “in the know.”  In the years since it’s creation, we’ve discovered there are a few pages that seem to interest residents, visitors and Savannah enthusiasts alike.  Without fail, our Dining Page ranks in the top five pages every month…(I mean we all want to know where to find a tasty morsel right?)   Of course, the Savannah Dining scene keeps us on our toes……who’s eating where, what’s the new hot-spot, so and so has a new menu…etc… Our latest way to keep you all up-to-date with the best in Dining news, is this blog.
If you’re an eatery of any kind, from barefoot casual to upscale fine dining and you’d like our readers to know about your latest menu, happening, or charitable gala…this is the place for you.  For all you locals and visitors around town, we want to know about your experiences as well.  Did you read a review on our site and visit one of our favorite emporiums?  Or maybe you ran into a celebrity or two while out on the town. Tell us your experience.  If it has to do with munching in Savannah…we want to know!  So feel free to comment on this blog, or send us an email at

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