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Cuban Cuisine Shines on Whitaker

Despite our economic quagmire, a flock of ethnic or otherwise niche-filling new eateries blossomed in the downtown area in recent months. Most are moderately priced, serving moderately good food.

Carlito’s Cuban Cabana (Whitaker just North of Broughton) shines like the brightest star in a cloudy firmament. Their authentic Cuban cuisine is delicious and affordable, with lavish portions.

For instance, fried pork chunks (Masas de Cerdo Fritas) might sound, to the uninitiated, like a pretty prosaic dish.  Fasten your seatbelts!   This is one of the great pork dishes of Latin cuisine.

Long-simmered chunks of pork loin, aromatic with citrus, cumin, herbs, onions and more, are lightly fried in olive oil just till crunchy and crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside.  This is good eats at its best!

Fried grouper is another outstanding Cuban specialty.  Here, a large filet is delicately fried with hardly a hint of breading. If you are a fish lover, and perhaps even if you’re not, this hefty portion of fresh from the sea fish will set your taste buds to smiling.

Nearly all of Carlitos’ entrées come with black beans, rice (white or yellow), and sweet fried plantains.

If you simply want a sandwich, you can’t do better than Carlito’s Cuban sandwich.

Buen Provecho!

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New downtown restaurant to open soon

Those who share my love for a fine Cuban sandwich will rejoice in the opening of Carlito’s Cuban Cabana, at 41 Whitaker.  The owners expect to open next Tuesday.  However, don’t hold your breath.  I’ve yet to see a restaurant open on schedule.  Not in Savannah! Nevertheless, it will open soon, and for those of us who relish a good solid delicious Cuban sandwich, amongst other Cuban specialties, it should be a real treat! This will be the second Cuban eatery in downtown, the first, Rancho Alegre, having opened recently.The  owners of Carlito’s  are also the proprietors of Carlito’s Mexican restaurant on MLK, which many folks think serves the best Mexican food around town. I can’t say that I concur in that assessment.  However, these folks are Cuban, not Mexican.  So I have high hopes that the Cuban fare will be authentic and delicious as is that at Rancho Alegre. Will keep y’all posted!

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