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La Xalapena Closed

Another restaurant has bitten the dust.  Too bad. This place had good Mexican food, but without a beer and wine license, I suspect, not too many customers.

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North Beach Grill?

We just received the following note from a reader:
I was wondering if you had heard anything about the status of the North
Beach Grill. I was out at Tybee yesterday, and it was closed with the phone
number disconnected, yet the tables and unbrellas were still on the outside
patio. I’d appreciate any news you might know about it. It’s a summer
favorite, and I hope that its closure yesterday wasn’t permanent. By the way, I love the Savannah Dining Tidbits blog! It’s always great when a new post shows up in my Google Reader!

Thanks very much!

If anyone knows anything about the North Beach Grill, please let us know!

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A fond farewell to Sweetleaf

Sweetleaf Smokery & Eatery just folded, much to the disappointment of many of us. Seems that location may be jinxed. First, years ago, there was 606 beloved by all. It closed and moved downtown.  Then Mugsy’s came and survived for a year or two and closed. Then came Good Eats, famed for its Muligatawny Soup, adored by tout Savannah.  After several years it, too, was felled by the Abercorn St. jinx. After a time Sweetleaf arrived and it, too, did well, but a few months ago it lost its beer and wine license which seems to have precipitated its demise. Perhaps the location needs a chef who is also an exorcist.

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