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A Message to One and All

Remember everyone, this blog isn’t just for my foodie thoughts, it’s open to one and all. Just send in your favorite eating spot, or a favorite dish anywhere at all, or your favorite server. If you spot a new eatery just opened, or about to open, let us know. If you have a butcher who will prepare your rack of lamb for you, tell us about him (or her). Same goes for fishmongers who will prepared your finned or shelled creatures for you. If you have a delicious recipe from your home repertoire, let us have it! In short, if it pertains to food or beverages, we’re all interested. Send it along to:

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A Deliciously Frugal 10-day Culinary Binge

The first ever Savannah Restaurant Week, February 26 to March 7, offers a delightful chance to sample Savannah’s finest food in some of our loveliest restaurants. At the top of our own list is Alligator Soul, at 114 Barnard St., where renowned chef Chris DiNello will serve a three course dinner– appetizer,  main course and desert– featuring a selection of his unique and delectable dishes all for the fixed price of $30. We’d suggest making your reservations soon.  Call 232-7899. You’ll be glad you did.

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New South Cafe supports Coastal Pet Rescue

For one week this May, animal welfare workers and volunteers from around the world will meet in Orlando. Thanks to Matt Cohen‘s $1,000 sponsorship, six members of Coastal Pet Rescue will send six volunteers to the Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Care Expo!

We say Bravo! to the New South Cafe’s fine chef and dedicated humanitarian!  

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