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Russo’s Loss is Everyone’s Loss

Charlie Russo, owner of Russo’s Seafood and Russo’s Seafood Restaurant, lost his battle for the re-zoning which would have allowed his little restaurant to offer sit down dining. Although most residents of his Thomas Square neighborhood were enthused about the restaurant, a small but highly vocal group of nay-sayers, headed by Virginia Mobley, fought the issue long, loud and hard. We never have figured out why Mobley dislikes people sitting down to eat! It’s a well established fact that mixed-use neighborhoods of residential (single¬†and multi-family) homes, retail venues, commercial space and office space, result in convivial, livable neighborhoods where residents and business owners know each other, cooperate, and ultimately build a better community. Crime decreases, too. Well, at least the little restaurant is still providing (take out only) delicious seafood and¬†fish fare for all to enjoy.

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