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Fun tonight at Blowin’Smoke’s Thirsty Thursday

Indulge yourself at Blowin’ Smoke every Thursday, with Happy Hour specials that last all night. Choose your poison with Sangria, Margaritas, Bloody Marys, Well drinks, Draft Beers and plenty more.  Have fun!



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Steaming Hot Drinks for Freezing Cold Nights

As the hour approaches cocktail time, temperatures plunge in freefall. No need to shiver as the martini glass touches your lips….fix yourselves a Bull Shot instead!  A tall coffee mug does the trick in the microwave. Fill abut ¾ with good quality beef broth and heat just till nearing a boil. Add about 3 shakes Tabasco, 4 or 5 shakes Worcestershire, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and an ounce or so of vodka.

Or…. In the same kind of mug, fill ¾ up with Bloody Mary Mix. Heat to boil. Add squeeze of lemon, then vodka.  And drink your Fiery Maria! Happy holidaysfrom SavannahBest!

With either one, you’ll be contentedly warm in a minute. Happy Holidays!

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St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

Start St. Patrick’s Day right…. with a great Irish breakfast  at Murphy’s Law Pub. Open the big day at 8 a.m. for pre-parade breakfast, festivities, Bloody Mary or Irish Coffee. Best pint of Guinness and legendary Irish whiskey all day! Car Bombs, F-Bombs, Feckin Whiskey, Cold Beer, fish & chips.

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