More than satisfied with Satisfied

I almost missed out on going to Satisfied.  And that would have been a bad mistake on my part.  People had told me that it was a combination restaurant and sports bar. Since I am not a sports fan (unless the sport is horse  racing) my experience, sports bars has been very limited and a few times I visited one, the food was definitely not top drawer. But I was nearby when the companion who suggested we try the place and when he told me it was owned by the folks at created Sweet Potatoes and Cafe Toucon, I happily agreed.  
I ordered the Portobello mushroom available in their vegetable section. A large clump portobello came to my table graced with chevre cheese, red onion marmalade and a balsamic drizzle over wilted greens. The meaty flavor of the mushroom enhanced by the piquant red onion and balsamic over the green and made for a truly succulent and delicious dish. My companion ordered the Cuban sandwich, also a favorite of  mine. The Cuban roll was still with slices of savory roast pork am still pickle Swiss cheese and mustard with a side dish black bean salad.  The sandwich was as close as you can calm to the original home fashioned in Tampa, Florida. To say we were satisfied with Satisfied is an understatement. I will return again and very soon.


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