Brasserie 529 sports new coffee menu

Brasserie’s brand new state of the art espresso machine is now turning out a coffee menu to warm the heart of all espresso lovers. Here are just some of the items on the list:

Café Au Lait– coffee, steamed milk  3

 Café Latte– espresso, steamed milk  4

 Cappuccino– espresso, steamed milk, mostly foam   4

 Solo Espresso– 2.50

 Doppio Espresso– 3

 Café Noisette– espresso, dash of steamed milk  3.50 Plus others.

 There is also a variety of Chais and Teas ….Sit back, relax, and perhaps add an after-dinner drink to accompany the espresso. 

Café Americano– espresso, hot water  3.50


Vanilla Latte– espresso, steamed milk, house syrup  5


Café Mocha– espresso, steamed milk, house chocolate, whipped cream  5




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