Bar-Food is Rockin’

Dropped into Bar-Food a few days ago. It was only 4 pm, a time at which I rarely quit the work day, but it had been a long and hectic and stressful day and I was parched. Bar-Food,  which opens precisely at 4, held the promise of  great libations and tempting tidbits, beckoned. Collapsed into a comfortable chair in the pleasantly breezy shade right outside, I ordered a Marguerita and my companion a beer. We added an Olive Tapenade for him and Blue Chips, fresh and crispy potato chips slathered in a mix of blue and brie cheese, for me.  All were delicious, unique, light and refreshing. Just the anecdote to a grueling Friday!  TGIF! I toasted, ordering another of those delighfully fresh-made Margueritas. And we sample a couple of Kimchi–one with pickled radishes; the other with pickled cukes. Both moist and wonderfully spicy with a tomato-sesame-hot pepper sauce. During the hour we spent, the place had a steady stream of customers arriving, all appearing to be young professionals from nearby offices or perhaps from further distances enroute to their Ardsley Park domains.     Clearly, Johnny Baker’s latest venture is, as his always seem to be, a rousing success!  Go for it! You’ll love it!

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