La Xalapena Closed

Another restaurant has bitten the dust.  Too bad. This place had good Mexican food, but without a beer and wine license, I suspect, not too many customers.


  1. amanda said

    YOU ARE COMPLETELY MISTAKEN!!! What a terribly awful piece of misinformation! I JUST had one of the best lunches to date at La Xalapena! THEY ARE NOT CLOSED!!!!! We’ve been eating there for months and trying to spread the word to increase business. PLEASE update your post as this will surely lead unknowing customers somewhere else, which will deprive them of some of THE BEST Mexican food in Savannah.

    • savannahbest said

      Please forgive our error! Their phone was disconnected…. and we went over there a couple of times to see if they were still open and they were not. I’m assuming they must have closed up for a few days, then re-opened and got a new phone number. I’ll do a new post on them by tomorrow, for sure, as I think it’s the ONLY really authentic Mexican food in Savannah…..

  2. Jason said

    I just looked them up for someone, and according to Google it seems they’ve moved to 284 Pennsylvania Ave with a number of 912.235.3065. Haven’t gone to confirm it, but might try later this week.

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