New Restaurant to Open Soon!

Two of Savannah’s favorite chefs and caterers, John Baker III, and Alicia Cannon, are joining forces to open a new restaurant to be called Bar Food sometime in the next few weeks in Habersham Village, just south of Ardsley Park. Baker and Cannon were owner and manager, respectively, of the much lamented Queeny’s To Go Go Restaurant.  Bar Food will be a food, beer and wine bar offering small plates, tapas-style, of delicious eats to go with beer and wine.   Tastings are in the offing, too. We’ll keep you posted on the opening date.


  1. courtney said

    any more news on bar food? i keep meaning to drive by and see if i can find it but never think of it when i’m actually in the car! i’m anxious to go but haven’t heard anything more since originally reading this post…


    • savannahbest said

      I haven’t been able to find out what happened, but I have driven by and see no signs of anything going on. Looks like the project fizzled… Too bad!

  2. Megan said

    They have been working off and on. Two days ago I drove by and the door was cracked; saw tables and chairs up and it looked close to opening but have seen no one working the last couple of days…Me and my neighbors are anxiously waiting; we are looking forward to a neighborhood hangout; hope it works out.

  3. Megan said

    Good news, talk to the owners and they said they would be open next week; I’m assuming they meant next weekend which would be around the 28th….looking very forward to it

    • savannahbest said

      Have you been by again? Are they open yet? Sounds as if you live nearby, so I figure you might have checked….thanks,

  4. savannahbest said

    Thanks, Megan. That is good news…. and many thanks for letting us all know!

  5. Megan said

    Yes they are open. Went last night for some wine. Very nice inside and they already have a lot of business. I think they are still tweeking their menu and are only serving beer and wine. Once they get their food business up they plan to start serving liqour.

    • savannahbest said

      Thanks, Megan!

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