Russo’s Loss is Everyone’s Loss

Charlie Russo, owner of Russo’s Seafood and Russo’s Seafood Restaurant, lost his battle for the re-zoning which would have allowed his little restaurant to offer sit down dining. Although most residents of his Thomas Square neighborhood were enthused about the restaurant, a small but highly vocal group of nay-sayers, headed by Virginia Mobley, fought the issue long, loud and hard. We never have figured out why Mobley dislikes people sitting down to eat! It’s a well established fact that mixed-use neighborhoods of residential (single and multi-family) homes, retail venues, commercial space and office space, result in convivial, livable neighborhoods where residents and business owners know each other, cooperate, and ultimately build a better community. Crime decreases, too. Well, at least the little restaurant is still providing (take out only) delicious seafood and fish fare for all to enjoy.


  1. why in the world would anyone protest that?!?!?! It’s a shame when people have nothing better to do with their time than pick on good neighbors. Don’t we have more important things to worry about?

  2. Jason said

    Hate to see this happen, Russo’s had great crab cakes and crab stew. I fail to see how the place could bother any one in the area.

  3. savannahbest said

    Darn right! Russo’s has great crab cakes and crab stew, delicious fried shrimp and heavenly Shad and Soft Shelled Crab in season! Anyone who objects must be a chronic grouch.

  4. Cindi said

    Why would anyone pick on Charlie Russo? I used to work for him about 10 or so years ago. I have since moved back to Tennessee. To this day when I think of Savannah, I think of Charlie Russo and his family. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met! They run a great business, and are/would be an asset to any neighborhood! I plan on a visit back soon and will definately stop in and get some smoked salmon! This is just sad that some folks have to mess things up for everyone else. Shame on Mrs. Mobley and all her cronies! This is a disservice to the Russo family, and to Savannah!! What a shame!!

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